Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One a Day Project - Tuesday's Tallies

When I finished my last crochet project, I decided that I have to get back to one of my two UFOs before I start any new projects. I have two new things ready to start so the temptation is huge. Then I found Carole's blog last week and thought this was the perfect way to stimulate myself to finish.

This will be fun and achievable. I can manage at least one African flower hexagon a day and still work on many other projects. I now have 21 new flowers ready for the next (hexagon) shape as I sew them onto the growing blanket. I am using Drops Paris cotton yarn. The colors are fabulous.

Have you heard the sad news about Maeve Binchy passing away? Check out my book blog for a tribute to her...



  1. Hi Heidi, thank you for visiting my blog! ILoVe your African flowers! So so pretty and gorgeous colours too!
    Victoria xx

  2. I keep looking at other's blogs and say I will have to try that African flower pattern soon. Yours is lovely!

  3. This is really coming along so nicely, You will have it done in no time at all. This is way more colorful than your normal choices. Very nice.
    Love you Mom

  4. I really like your blocks. I'm a new crocheter so I'm only familiar with the basics. I will miss Maeve Binchy, too. She was a wonderful writer.

  5. I really want to crochet again..just can't remember how to make granny squares and I want a pillow! SIGH. Your blocks are lovely.

  6. Gorgeous colours, I did the African Flowers as my first One A Day. Very sad about Maeve Binchy, love her books. Deb xxx

  7. Thank you so much for visiting my blog today! Your African Flowers are adorable! Love the colours you are using, so bright and cheerful!
    Have a great evening! xxxBarbina

  8. Hello Heidi

    Love the colours you are using. I'm getting loads of WIPs finished at the moment before i start any new but the temptation to start something new is unbelievable!

    An african flower pattern is on my new project life but i must finish things first

  9. Hello Heidi,
    I like hexagon African Flowers too and I look at your labels - really interesting! Wow, what beautyful quilts you did - would wish, I could do that! But sewing is not mine.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Greetings from Germany. Terra.

  10. Wow Heidi, those little crochet hexagon flowers are gorgeous

  11. The flower colors are so pretty and that's a very good way to keep an incentive. I hope you are having a good week. Take care, Heidi.

  12. The colours are fabulous and work so well together!!! Great job!!

  13. Hello Heidi, so glad you came by to pay me a visit at my blog. I knew you had moved to a new blog and although I am listed as a follower for some reason it was not showing up in my Google Reader...sometimes technology can be frustrating! I have 'manually' added it now and have been catching up on your blog. You have been so busy! My grandmother also was quite the crocheter and always had something in hand. We have boxes of her old doilies and dresser scarves etc. I wish she could be here today so I could show her all the things I do with my stitching, quilting, etc. Wouldn't they be proud of us? :-) I hope you are feeling better, I know the past year has been full of health challenges for you. I am so envious of your miniature armoire filled with the doll quilts you've made - just wonderful!


  14. I love your African hexagons they're so vibrant. I'm sorry I didn't know who Meave was but I'm sad she died, it's nice that she left so many stories, I might see if I can pick up one at the library :(

    Carole's group is a great idea - well done for not starting anything new :D


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