Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Niamh's quilt.....

Two years ago, I made a little Irish Chain doll quilt as part of the challenges from Kathleen Tracy. I put it aside as I could not decide what borders I wanted to use. As part of my UFO challenge to myself this year, this little quilt resurfaced. It was only then that I realized the problem was it should not have borders to give it an antique look.

I had been having trouble with handquilting being very painful. The pain in my finger is much better and I am enjoying my hand quilting once again.

I used muslin for the backing of the quilt so I decided to not sew on a label but simply write the label on the backing.

While talking to my mother about having almost finished the quilt, we were talking about Irish names as I always name my quilts. My doll quilts get a little girl's name. She said use one of the names from the TV show we both loved Ballykissangel. I decided on Niamh (pronounced 'neev') and then started thinking about all the Irish immigrants that took a risk and boarded a ship to America during the Great Potato Famine. I decided on the name "Niamh's Irish Chain: Irish immigrant 1847".

Doll quilt measures 19 inches square.

So my last doll quilt is now stored in my miniature armoire and Niamh's quilt is on my table. I already have an idea for my next doll quilt and will share it after I have worked on the first block.

In the meantime, I think I will start back on a large quilt UFO since my hand is cooperating at the moment. My UFO count is up to 10 finished on the list which I am really happy about.

"Sewing fills my days, not to mention the living room, bedroom and closets." 
~ Author unknown


  1. Niamh's quilt is beautiful. The armoire looks stunning.

  2. I love red and white. I always thought these quilts looked difficult, all those little squares, but doing a little one like this would probably be doable. You do lovely work. Love the armoire too. Linda

  3. So, so pretty!! I really need to make a doll quilt one day - I'll just add that to my growing list of things to do! LOL!

  4. Just got back from taking Zoe back to Cleveland. We hated to see her go. It was a busy week with her.
    I love the new doll quilt. It is hard to believe that name is spelled like that and so different to pronounce.
    Keep quilting.
    Love you, Mom
    PS: Not one stitch has gone on my Indian with Zoe here

  5. Great to finish another UFO. And its gorgeous. off course...

  6. The quilt is perfect with no borders. I love the name.

  7. The doll quilt is adorable! And I absolutely love your little armoire! I need to get one of those to store all my doll quilts in.

  8. Yeah, I agree, it doesn't need a border and it looks great! The hand quilting takes it up a notch higher for sure! Glad your right hand is getting better ... slow and steady does it!

  9. Al 10 quilts dit jaar...oef, ik ben al blij met 1! LOL!

  10. So beautiful and I love the writing on the back. I am so glad you are having better luck with your hands. I have fallen off the wagon and can't seem to get back to stitching. I hope this changes soon. I do apologize about not getting to your blogs lately. Please forgive me. Take care and I hope your weekend is so very blessed.

  11. Red and white will ALWAYS be my favourite colours! It turned out lovely. Glad to hear your hand is doing better...


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