Sunday, July 19, 2015

Christmas in July 2015.....

Early in July was our yearly celebration of Christmas in July for my quilt group. We had a salad bar set up by half the group. They did a fabulous job and the table was overflowing with delicious choices to put a salad together! It was hard to choose what you wanted. During dinner, I raffled off gifts under the Christmas tree. One of the fun things about leading this group is being able to surprise them often with gifts. 

After dinner, we started on our surprise project. They were all asked to bring in a roll of green fabric. I provided the rest needed. There were ladies beavering away at the work tables to create their (Christmas) tree. Some ironed, cut, sorted, pinned and sewed. When the evening was done, we had a forest of trees complete as you can see in the first photo. I will be posting a photo tutorial to make a tree of your own in my next post.

One of the gifts I made was this little sewing butler. I bought an olive dish with a toothpick holder attached. Using a small plate, I cut, sewed and stuffed a circle of fabric. This was then glued into the toothpick holder to create a pincushion. Now it can hold pins and needles while thread and scissors sit in the dish. 

Have a creative day!