Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday tallies...Guess where we are?

Notice anything different in the photo? I am posting my Tuesday tallies from Bad Bentheim, Germany. This is the view early morning from the balcony of our pension. We can see the castle in the distance.

Can you see it now with the close up?

It is all lit up at night.

So off we walked to go visit it this morning. For we people from Dutch pancake country, this is quite a walk all up steep hills. It is worth it as the castle is beautiful to see.

So I am not working at my normal tempo but still have done well this past week. I have made a further 59 little grannies for my autumn throw. I now have 121 completed of the 125. I wish I could add another row but this is all the yarn I have left and would need to make 13 blocks but only have enough for 9 I think.

It will become longer and wider though when I start on the edging. I am using a double strand of a dark brown yarn from my stash to do the edges. I have used 17 skeins of yarn so far for the grannies and almost used all of each of the last skeins.

One of the things I am working on is trying to understand how to figure how much yarn is needed for an afghan. Any tips? After two years of making many afghans already, I have still not quite gotten the hang out of judging the amounts.

This afghan will have a few memories hooked into it with today being here in Germany celebrating Jos' birthday. Off home tomorrow morning early though as my monthly quilt group meets on Wednesday evening.

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  1. Ooh it's looking gorgeous Heidi!
    Victoria xx

  2. Colours colours colours! I love the antique look this blanket already has.

  3. What a beautiful place!! And your afghan is coming along ~ I love those colors!!

  4. Happy Birthday once more to Jos. I know he already got his present so that is good. Hope your Italian dinner was good in Germany last night LOL
    That afghan is great. You just flew through that. Your yarn is so much smaller in skeins than we get. I would have a hard time judging your amounts.
    Drive safe home tomorrow.
    love you, Mom

  5. What a beautiful place to visit, I'm so impressed at how many you have finished this week, I love the autumnal colours. I've found for a single bed size afghan in Double Knit, you need at least 25 x 50gram balls. Deb x

  6. Your did good! But you can stay in Germany for a few more day's, just tell me where the key is, and we let ourselfs in...LOL
    Happy Birthday Jos! Was thinking of you last sunday,when I spotted a very big " bokkepootje".....

  7. Lucky you. I wish I were there too. The afghan is lovely. That looks like it would be an easy one, except like you said figuring out the yarn.

  8. Wow, you are nearly finished and the colours look soooo god. Can't wait to see your Ta-dah post of this one!

  9. Beautiful--the afghan and Germany. I'm so impressed by what you get done each week. And, I am so jealous. We were supposed to go to Germany but never went. I hope it was great for the two of you. Good travels and take care.

  10. wow, how amazing is your afghan! love it, the colours are awesome, so autumnal looking.
    I always struggle with how much arn to buy and I usually over estimate! but hey I end up with enough yarn for smaller projects :)

  11. Gosh ... the colours of the Afghan is perfect for Autumn! You're almost there!

  12. It looks gorgeous, and the view is wonderful too.
    Happy Birthday to Jos

  13. I love the rich autumnal colours you are using, congratulations on your progress. Your holiday looks fabulous!

  14. I like your autumn blanket too! And it's sooo nice that you were in Germany! Hope you feel fine and you can meet your group today. Happy Birthday to Jos.
    Greetings from (Eastern)Germany! Sabine.

  15. Great progress.
    What a beautiful view.

  16. Happy birthday to Jos! Your afghan is lovely. I cannot wait to see it finished!

  17. Your Afghan is lovely Heidi and I know you love Autumn. Have you thought about weighing it when finished to give some idea of how much wool you have used.

    Glad you had a good time in Germany and belated birthday wishes to Jos.

    Hope you are both well.
    Love Hazel c (uk)


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