Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Primitive Christmas tree.....

For the past few years, I have been looking for a feather tree. They are just so expensive and now postage costs have gone sky high too. I was inspired by Pamela at Our Pioneer Homestead back in November to create my own feather tree. I am thrilled with how it turned out and now I have a sweet little tree for my kitchen.

The tree started out life like this (see photo below). It was an inexpensive one that I bought at Wibra. The base had a prim look so it was perfect. I thinned out, trimmed and cut away at the branches. My mother was watching on Skype and thought I should not tape the inside. She liked it being green.

I added some rusty jingle bells tied on with raffia bows. Then I created a gingham star top with some scrap fabric. I simply sewed four layers of batting between two pieces of fabric leaving the edges rough. I added buttons to the front and back of the star. I am so pleased with my little tree!

Pamela has just posted some primitive Christmas ornaments. If you remember my primitive ornament SAL I did back in 2009, you can still find them on my old blogs here and here. There were 13 ornaments total. Pamela's ornaments would work really well with mine so I might have to stitch some of these up to add to my tree. I keep that tree up year round in my quilt studio.

Be creative this Christmas!


  1. your tree came out really cute. I love the star you did on top. What a cutie it is. Another mend and make do.
    Love Mom

  2. That is really beautiful Heidi!
    Would never have thought of doing that myself :)

    On my blog you asked about our wooden chest. I cannot reply to comments on pictures for some reason :(

    The story is that my boyfriend won it in a drunken game of cards - yes! It had been painted blue with decorations so he paid to have it done up the way it is now. I love it and so does my christmas decorations :)

  3. dear heidi,
    your tree looks wonderful,love the fabric star!
    wish you a wonderful adventtime,
    hugs regina

  4. Well done, it looks so attractive.

  5. I love it, Heidi! Way to DIY!!

  6. Heidi, I pulled out all of my copies of your ornaments to decide on threads. I am doing them all in the same colors on natural linen. They won't be ready for this year, but I want to try and do at least one a month between my other stitching. Thanks again for those lovely patterns.

  7. Your tree is wonderful! Just perfect!

  8. What a cute idea and I love the gingham star. I have two of your SAL ornaments done and hope to hang them on our bare tree soon.
    blessings, jill

  9. Lovely Heidi the star on the top completes it.

    I have been lucky to get a little white/silver tree which I have decorated with all my stitched ornaments.

    Have a lovely Christmas Heidi and Jos.

    Love Hazel c (uk)

  10. So lovely, your little tree. Everything looks perfect on it, the star, the little bells and the ruffia bows.


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