Friday, December 21, 2012

Smoking crochet hook!

Phew! I am done. It has been a busy week crocheting like mad to get a scarf ready for Jos for Christmas. I did it...yeah! That even after having to take it all out and start over when I tried to work on it while having a major attack in my eyes early this week. I thought I could do the crochet by feeling and I could but was making it far too wide. I took it all out and started over again. Here I am modeling Jos' scarf...

I made it just a little longer than I am tall and hope it will be okay for him. I don't think Jos will like having a scarf that is way long after being looped around his neck. I also have to be careful as I am afraid it might stretch a little. I used double strands of grey wool blend yarn. It is a double crochet simply switching from stitching in the back loops for a row and front loops for the next. I used a larger hook (6,5mm) which might cause stretch.

This morning while checking my emails, I was reading the Lion Brand newsletter and this is the Lola cartoon for this time. I had to really laugh. Up to now, I often sneak onto my mother's blog and put them on there as they make me think of her but I think today....Miss Pickles is Lola. *wink*



  1. Yep, you are Lola this time. It is really cute.
    I finally got all my crafts finished. I went to the store this morning and bought our ham and things to go with it. I am making green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, german potato salad and ham. We are having dinner on Christmas Eve since Bill is working a double on Christmas.
    I mixed the cut out cookie dough yesterday and it is in the fridge ready to roll and cut. I will also make pizzelles. not sure if that is spelled right. Oh well.
    Gifts are all wrapped and ready.
    It started to snow today. Very little but more is due to hit us so I wanted to have everything done.
    Have a great Christmas at the cottage.
    Love you, Mom

  2. PS: I totally forgot to say I really like Jos' scarf. duh.
    Love again, Mom

  3. You have been soooo busy! Lovely to hear from you again!

  4. Last year I made everyone a gift and I think I burned myself out because this year I didn't make any gifts. lol. Part of it is I need to start really really early to get it done. It was a lot more fun though giving gifts I'd made. My family is so crafty, but I'm not so it's hard to come up with things they couldn't do better. Crochet was one of those things, now they are doing that too. I'll have to try and get into quilting again, that is one they don't do. You are a good inspiration for that. I hope your holidays are wonderful.

  5. The scarf looks great! And, Lola with that smoking crochet hook... That is the best!!!! Take care! - Amy

  6. Love your scarf! For me, I like them long!
    That cartoon is perfect!
    Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  7. that's a lovely scarf!! I think your DH will be very glad to get this...

  8. Lovely scarf Heidi. The cartoon is perfect, that is how my sewing machine has felt the last few weeks I think

  9. Lovely scarf finish! DH will love it!

    Merry Christmas!

  10. Jos will certainly love this scarf since it was made by you especially for him! It is a beauty. After reading your mom's post, I think I might have to visit her on Christmas Eve!!!

  11. Like your smoking crochet hook!! And what about the fingers holding it??
    I'm sure Jos will love his gift!


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