Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Christmas Potpourri

This post is a true Christmas potpourri of things to share. I have been and still am sick so not posting much but I have lots to add as the last weeks of the year wind down.

Remember my large dough bowl? I played around with my stuffed Santas I had made of the years and decided this year to use a couple of them in my small dough bowl.

And part two of my advent quilt calender.....

I love being able to use my collection of ribbons, laces and trims on the number side. For my other side, there is a mixture of images.....

And what is Miss Pickles the Elf up to? She is wrapping your gifts and placing them under the Christmas tree.....

Our annual Christmas party has come and gone. This year, I gave the group a Make Do and Mend theme for their gifts. They were to either rummage in their houses for something old or buy it at a charity shop or flea market. The idea was to take something unloved and give it a new second, homemade life.

I bought an old footstool. Sorry to say that I forgot to take a photo of the before but I did include the ugly heavy fabric that had been on it in the first photo of the collage. Jos sanded the dark brown wood and painted it a matt black for me. I sewed a crazy quilt top using my black fabrics and various lace trims. It went from being out of date to being trendy.....

A tradition of mine is to add a gift on the outside of my gift for the quilt group. This time, I also bought a huge paperclip at the charity shop which was a very ugly baby blue. Jos again sanded and painted it for me. I stitched a small design and them glued it onto the front of the clip. Now it can be used as a pretty card or photo holder or to hold a pattern as you stitch.....

The point of these gifts was not to spend much money on the item but to invest time and creativity to make something really beautiful. I am working on the pictures for the next blog post to share more of these Make Do and Mend gifts.



  1. So sorry to hear you have been and still are unwell Heidi and hope you will soon be feeling better. Loving all your handmade goodies and the footstool is excellent.
    Patricia x

  2. That footstool came out so nice. I see some of the fabrics you used on my heart you made me to hang in my living room so I didn't put yours in my suitcase last time I was there. LOL
    The clip is really neat too.
    Now I know the elf has been very busy but for sure more elves want to get on that calendar. Better hurry. Are you remembering to change the date on your elf calendar I sent you?
    I cannot believe Christmas is next week.
    Love you, Mom

  3. Do hope you are feeling better Heidi especially when the little elves have so much to do at this time of year. Like you I love to make something out of nothing and have made my friends little patchwork trees from scraps from the rag bag and old beads.
    Your footstool looks really nice and I am sure the new owner is very pleased with it.
    Have a nice Christmas Heidi are you going to the cottage?
    Best wishes to you and Jos for a Happy, Healthy New Year.
    Love Hazel c (uk)

  4. So sorry to hear that you are not well. This is a hard time of year to not feel your best and have so much to do. You are so creative with the footstool and the pin. Someone should be thrilled with them both. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Get Well Soon, stunning footstool.

  6. Lovely bowl of Santas!!

    The footstool and clip are so creative and look fabulous!

    I hope you will be feeling well again soon.

  7. Both of your gifts turned out lovely Heidi. Sorry to hear you've been ill, I'm battling a cold and hoping it goes away soon as I start my vacation from work tomorrow and I've no time to be sick. Your bowl of Santas is very cute too. I wish you and Jos a wonderful Christmas together and a great year ahead!


  8. Your footstool is fantastic! Where are you using it? Or is it for looks only?

    1. The footstool was my gift for our exchange at the Christmas party for the quilt group. It has gone to live at its new home.

      I was sorry to hear you have a sprained ankle Ginny. It is a bad time of year not to be mobile. Hope it starts to feel better quickly!

  9. Sorry to hear you've been unwell Heidi, hope you are feeling better soon.
    The advent quilt squares are wonderful, and I love the idea of a make do and mend theme for your gift exchange. The revamped footstool is fabulous

  10. Hi heidi!! Congrats! That´s a really good idea!!! Maybe, next year i´ll take it to my family!!! This year I made some presents, but the others I bought it!!
    Happy Christmas!!

  11. Oh my dancing friend I hope it won't be too long until the dancing restarts. The footstool is amazing and how clever. Like the Santa bowl and your advent elves are just so cute. You take it easy now if you can and get back to some sort of normal , which seems to take forever when you are not well. Have a wonderful Christmas and a healthier and happy 2013.

  12. I really love the footstool and the clips. Well thought of!

  13. I do hope that you are feeling better! Love the goodies you made ~ how very clever!

  14. That reminds me I still have a foodstool that needs some handmade top too. Looking for inspiration...By the way: yours is looking great!!
    And your little advent blocks are so cute! We'll have to try to finish all 25 for Christmas next year!


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