Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Mystery of Christmas Advent quilt - mini quilt hangers day 1 to 7

The first Sunday of advent has arrived. Here are the first week's little quilts to hang on your advent quilt. These little quilts measure 4-inches square when they are finished. The numbers hang from the buttons on the advent quilt and as each day of December arrives, simply turn the little quilt to reveal a pretty picture on the other side. 

Each design has placement lines included to ribbons, laces, trims, ric-rac and buttons. Stitch the number and then sew your trim in place. Added buttons are also shown on the charts. Right click the charts to print them. 

When finished, stitch or sew a design for the reverse side. Cut both front and back to 4-1/2 inches in size and sew with right sides together leaving an opening to turn the quilt hanger. Be sure to place a piece of thin ribbon in the center of the quilt for the hanger. I used two inches of satin ribbon folded in half. Trim the corners, turn and sew the opening shut. 

On the reverse side, it is your chance to make your advent calendar very personal. I am showing you my own quilts for ideas. These are designs I have found in books, magazines or free charts on blogs. Choose designs that speak to you. If you prefer not to do as much cross stitching, why not try creating all applique patterns, patchwork or redwork. 

My first two blocks shown above include a portion of an IsaV design and a little freebie that I cannot unfortunately tell you who created as I did not save it after I stitched it. If anyone knows who's design it is, I would like to add it to the post?

I will be featuring some of the quilts from my friends in my quilt group as part of this S&QAL. When I gave the ladies the pattern last year, I provided some applique numbers for those who preferred to do this instead of stitching them. Sonja choose to applique her numbers and this is her finished quilt. 

 Her quilts include designs chosen by all the members of the group as well as a few she choose herself. As you see, she used a combination of patchwork, applique, stitchery, cross stitch and bobbinlace. 

Wednesday I will share a few more designs of my little quilts with some links to freebies. 


  1. Thank you Heidi. This is such a wonderful idea.
    blessings, jill

  2. What a lot of work has gone into that. It is beautiful.

  3. Wat een mooie,creatieve adventskalender is dit! Heel bijzonder!

  4. A wonderful idea, looking forward to seeing more.

  5. I cannot wait to see your advent calendar completed. I thinks Sonja's came out really well. It will be so nice to use them every year. Have fun.
    Love Mom

  6. Wonderful! Merry Christmas Heidi!


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