Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Keeping those I love warm (part two).....

When I took Enny and Mary up to Cranberry Cottage in November, I realized that Enny had a hard time keeping warm even if it was not so cold outside. So when we got home I grabbed some tweedy, chunky yarn and made her some long wrist warmers to hopefully keep her warm. I wanted to make them in beige so she could use them with any color she was wearing. 

Then of course, I had to make some for Mary too. She wears black a great deal so I thought making the same wrist warmers in a finer yarn would be just right for her. How fun to see the exact same pattern influenced by which type of yarn you use. Both of them were very happy to have these to keep them warm. 

I myself have a number of pairs of wrist warmers and decided to make myself a blue pair to add to my collection of colors. I wanted a nice long top to fall well over my knuckles. I tried just making up a pattern as I went along. I was really pleased with how they turned out. 



  1. So see, you did not need the ones I made you since all along you could make your own. I am not going to fall for you saying I need these Mom, make them for me.
    Love you, Miss Pickles hahaha Mom

  2. Those are great!! Love the black ones!

  3. Very nice. I am sure both ladies appreciate them very much!

  4. Love them! what thoughtful gifts!
    Merry Christmas!!


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