Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Mystery of Christmas advent quilt - mini quilt hangers day 8 to 14

The second Sunday of advent has come so quickly and we are now ready for the next 7 mini quilt hangers for our advent quilts.

Part of the fun of this project for me was using the many beautiful trims and laces available. When you want to sew a piece of lace onto the square, you can choose to either sew it separately alongside another piece of trim as with the 10th hanger or sewn along just under the edge of a piece of trim as with the 13th hanger. 

I am stitching my ornaments with an overdyed red thread but you can use any color you like with matching ribbons and laces. 

Each design has placement lines included to ribbons, laces, trims, ric-rac and buttons. Stitch the number and then sew your trim in place. Added buttons are also shown on the charts. Right click the charts to print them. 

When finished, stitch or sew a design for the reverse side. Cut both front and back to 4-1/2 inches in size and sew with right sides together leaving an opening to turn the quilt hanger. Be sure to place a piece of thin ribbon in the center of the quilt for the hanger. I used two inches of satin ribbon folded in half. Trim the corners, turn and sew the opening shut. 

For some inspiration, look at my Pinterest board for links to some patterns for the back of your hangers.

Be sure to look at this post for the quilt instuctions and this page for hangers 1 to 7.


  1. Now that you remember my password I can comment lol. They are coming along so nicely and I know you are working very hard to get it all done. Have fun.
    Love Nancy

  2. I love these Heidi, they're just gorgeous.
    Patricia x


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