Friday, October 12, 2012

If I didn't have my sewing machine......

Excuse me a moment while I bob along with my sewing machine...

Yep...this is what I am looking like at the moment. *wink*  I am into full production right now and have finished the 8th surprise for my quilt group's high tea as of today. My machine is groaning under the pressure but so far, so good. 

In between the surprise, I had a quilt top that I wanted to machine quilt for practice. I love to hand quilt and will do so until I can't but want to try machine quilting once in a while. Meet Bobby Pumpkin-head!

Named after a family member for his resemblance. Years ago my mother, her cousin, big brother Bill and I went to Amish country while I was home visiting. She called her brother Bobby Pumpkin-head (sorry Louise but you REALLY did say it) so here he is. *grins*

No fabric purchased for this quilt as it all came out of my stash cupboard. It is 24 inches square. Just the right size for my quilt wall.

I had fun making this label. I used a piece of muslin and stitched a piece of black scrap fabric down the side keeping the raw edges exposed. Then I wrote the text and stitched it on using higgelty-piggelty crosses.

Have a creative weekend!


  1. I remember the day well when Bobby Pumpkinhead was
    named. All because he had a pumkin sitting on his stone wall the same height as his head. LOL
    He lives in a different house now.
    That sure came out well. Love it.
    I know what you are making, and it is a ton of work. Hope your ladies appreciate all you are doing for them.
    Love you, Mom

  2. you are a very talented lady Heidi, Bobby Pumkinhead turned out great :-)

  3. I love Bobby Pumpkin Head.....just right for Fall. Ahhh Amish country.....I loved seeing it any time of year but especially in the Fall with all the leaves changing, and the Amish out harvesting their crops....Hugs from CA.

  4. Hihi, your sewing machine, your sewing machine, is working in overtime. Did you ask the old lady at your frontdoor if she could finish when your at CC?

  5. I just love him! What a very cute pumpkin quilt.

  6. Heidi, Bobby is adorable. I think he turned out perfect! The label adds just the right touch. I hope you are doing well and your weekend is bobbin' along... Take care!

  7. Bobby is real cute and funky looking.

  8. Wat heb ik genoten van het filmpje en wat is je quiltje leuk geworden. Veel sterkte voor jou en je naaimachine, ik ben stiekum heel benieuwd naar het resultaat.
    Liefs en hugies Bep.

  9. I love Bobby. Now I'm wishing I had some orange fabric, but it's just not one of my favourite colours (even though I love the orangy brown trees this time of year!)


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