Monday, October 29, 2012

It's a Quilted Halloween!

The early hours of Sunday morning were very noisy at our house. We heard a few loud bangs and thuds and went out the next morning to find this...

Witches flying around waiting to come to our Halloween high tea party. One missed and landed on the side on the house while another went head first into the flower pot.

But some did make it inside to hang their hats and party...

Like this one who looks remarkably like Saskia...

And she brought her witch sisters Mary and Nell along...

But oh my! What have they done to poor Mieke??? Must be that ornery Saskia! *grins*

Remember that project I was working on and could not yet share? Here is the treat I made for the ladies for Halloween. I made each a personalized quilted project bag...

Every bag is different and has their name on it...

And that tea dyed fabric is the lining making each one individual also as they all came out differently...

But the ladies came to celebrate Trick or Treat with treats of their own to share with each other...

But wait! It is the witching hour and we had some hungry little witches to feed or they might get up to some trouble...

The recipes of some of my party food will be posted on my food blog BookShelves and StoveTops tomorrow...

And they were entertained with a surprise little quilt show of their own work...

Still some ornery witches like to play tricks. Right Saskia? This spider was left on my bed pillow...

It was great fun to share my countries tradition of Halloween with my quilt group.

I will be late with my Tuesday tallies post this week but will be posting soon...



  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun! What a treat and the bags look great! You put a smile on this old witch's face...


  2. As usual, you went all out for this tea. What fun. The bags were so much work and came out so well (I kept telling you you would finish in time). I bet they all loved them. The treats they brought look good.
    The food was fun for you to do and looks yummy. Glad it was such a success.
    I know these ladies, and they do enjoy your parties.
    Love you, Mom

  3. LOL Heidi...I love the witches "that missed" they are too funny. The witches inside look like they are having a wonderful time...and I am sure that that they loved their quilted bags. What a busy witch you have been grins....Everything looks great :)

  4. What a fun party! I'm sure your visiting witches had a good time, but the spider on your pillow was naughty. :o)

  5. O, there's 'Leggy' I already missed here! What's she doing in your bedroom?? I send her and my ugly twinsister Witch Sassskia ahead to see if it was a save party. So next year I ( the most pretty looking witch ) will atend party! You did Gooooooood witchy sister :-)

  6. It looks as though you all had a lot of fun - I love the quilted bags, the colours and fabrics are gorgeous.

  7. All the witches must have had a wonderful time at the party, even the ones that missed, haha.
    Those quilted bags look gorgeous, all the wonderful autumn colours of the fabrics.

  8. What fun! I love the project bags and all the treats!

  9. Oh my gosh! I sure do wish my broom was working ~ I would have flown right over for the party!! Those bags you made are so cute ~ love them!

  10. Oh wow, what beautytul bags and funny party! I think your witches had a good time! Lovely, lovely. Have a good week! Greetings from Germany. Sabine.

  11. Fabulous! Looks like you had a wonderful time!
    Victoria xx

  12. Gelukkig heb je je onvoorziene gast op tijd ontdekt, deze spin was vast beter af dan zijn zusjes in de quilt studio.
    Het was een super-middag, dat kun je aan de foto's wel zien, en dan die vrolijke tas, heel apart om die van een heks te krijgen.
    Liefs, Bep.

  13. Het was een heel bijzondere ervaring om oogballen en geroosterde vleermuizen te eten.
    It was a very special experience to have eyeballs and roasted bats as a high tea meal. But they were yummie!
    Love the way you decorated your house with all the scary things!!

  14. Wow!!! You sure know how to throw a party! I love it all! I am not a halloween person but I would have enjoyed that party regardless! You really get into a party and I LOVE the project bags you made everyone! :)

  15. Love the bags! I'm not that into Halloween but the autumn colors of your decorations are great.

  16. Ah, sun a fun time you all must have had!!

  17. It looked like you had so much fun, I love all the quilting, very talented ladies and your bags you made I just gorgeous. What a great gift, lucky ladies !!!! Deb x

  18. OMGosh - I wish I could come and partake in your parties - you do such a wonderful job!


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