Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's in the bag!

Back with another crochet finish. Some time ago, I started working on some Japanese blocks which I decided to make into a tote bag. It was a fun way to use them since I just wanted to try out some of the stitches. I have taken time making this one since I was making it with a friend and did not want to get too far ahead of her since she started after I had enough blocks for one side already. It was a fun project. We just crocheted the blocks together and then made a band of single crochet for the sides and bottom. I lined it with fabric from my quilt stash. I ran out of yarn so had to buy handles which I sewed to the lining with tabs. I added some small lace to the tabs too. Now I have a tote bag to carry my crocheting in when I take it to my friend's house...

I had made one block too many and turned it into a potholder (RAK gift) for Mieke who I crochet with regularly. It is a nice heavy design which is perfect for a potholder.

I also started a new afghan since the weather has cooled off. I am making Lion Brand's Harvest Patchwork afghan using Stylecraft DK yarn. I found out that this shop was selling it now here in Holland. What great yarn this is! Since this pattern calls for a chunky yarn, I am using a double strand to get the thickness and a 6,5mm hook. It is working up a treat and I am so looking forward to having another autumn feeling blanket to use in the coming season.

Back though to my stitching. I have another fun project in progress for Halloween. As soon as I get the spray painting part done, I will share this latest project. And yes...I did say stitching and spray painting. Intrigued? *grins*


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cold thoughts in a warm summer.....

Months ago, I started making a Dutch crochet 'pronkrol' being created by Wieke. I loved the idea as I had often heard from two of my friends here about them making knitted ones at school as little girls. They are a long roll in which all the various stitches are practiced to learn to knit. But mine was becoming huge (choose too heavy yarn using 4mm crochet hook and wish I had bought a dainty yarn for it) and I was running out of yarn as this was leftover from this project.

My mother kept saying she thought it was a silly thing to make (see me rolling my eyes...lol) and just did not get the idea of a roll to show off your stitches. I jokingly put it around my neck as a scarf while we were talking on Skype and guess what. The idea stuck! It would make a really cute scarf. So I added a little more to get the length I wanted and added this beautiful lace edge. Now Miss Pickles has a scarf to keep her warm when the weather turns to nice crisp cold in autumn and winter.

And speaking of the weather, it has cooled off to a more normal temperatures with lots of lovely rain. The garden is happy and I am happy.


Friday, August 2, 2013

A terrible thing has happened.....

As the temperature registered 40C/104F here in Elf Central Workshoppe, reports came in about a terrible accident with Miss Pickles the Elf...

She melted away in the heat. An SOS has been sent out to the North Pole and reports are that they are working away on restoring this elf back to health so she can be busy again soon with making gifts.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S once again!

The postman rang my doorbell today and handed me a package from Jeanne. It is Christmas in July once again today. Yippee!

When I saw the adorable paper, I hated to open it for a minute. Just a minute mind you! I had to see what was in the packages. *grins*

Jeanne made me a project bag with a beautiful vintage Christmas postcard fabric. That is going to be put to good use already as my current project is going to be held in there while I work on it. It needed ironing with the instructions Jeanne sent along to protect the vinyl front cover. Jos was working in my studio so I had to wait with the ironing.

Here is the beautiful ornament. She told me she choose this pattern with a cat on it to remind me of Dagi. Just look at Santa's scissors. I do love it and want to thank Jeanne for a fun swap. I told her this was a perfect time to do the swap with all our hot weather this summer in Holland. It is reminding me that the holidays are going to be here before we know it.