Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cold thoughts in a warm summer.....

Months ago, I started making a Dutch crochet 'pronkrol' being created by Wieke. I loved the idea as I had often heard from two of my friends here about them making knitted ones at school as little girls. They are a long roll in which all the various stitches are practiced to learn to knit. But mine was becoming huge (choose too heavy yarn using 4mm crochet hook and wish I had bought a dainty yarn for it) and I was running out of yarn as this was leftover from this project.

My mother kept saying she thought it was a silly thing to make (see me rolling my eyes...lol) and just did not get the idea of a roll to show off your stitches. I jokingly put it around my neck as a scarf while we were talking on Skype and guess what. The idea stuck! It would make a really cute scarf. So I added a little more to get the length I wanted and added this beautiful lace edge. Now Miss Pickles has a scarf to keep her warm when the weather turns to nice crisp cold in autumn and winter.

And speaking of the weather, it has cooled off to a more normal temperatures with lots of lovely rain. The garden is happy and I am happy.



  1. Lovely finish, and a fabulous scarf.
    Glad that you and the garden are happy!
    Have a great week!

  2. That ruffle is certainly the prettiest one I have ever seen. Great choice Heidi.
    blessings, jill

  3. Goed idee om er een pronksjaal van te maken!

  4. Well I told you it was a silly project to just do all that and then just roll it up and sit it someplace. Soooo, just add it to the 50 scarfs you already have or leave it on the lady. It looks good on her. Love the edge you used too.
    Love you, Mom

  5. Hoi Heidi, wat een prachtige shawl heb jij ervan gemaakt. Top. En je verhaal, wat je ermee moet, is heel herkenbaar. Bij elke steek, denk ik altijd "als m'n moeder dit ziet"...
    Mag ik je foto een keer op mijn blog plaatsen? Met link natuurlijk.
    Groet, Wieke

  6. What a fun way to use a sampler!

  7. How pretty! I think your mother was right. This is much too pretty to just roll up and not use. LOL!


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