Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's hip to be square.....

Okay...okay...I am dating myself but I have this Huey Lewis and the News song going through my head as I write this blog post. Do you remember Hip to be Square? Way back in 1986?

"You might think I'm crazy, but I don't even care
Because I can tell what's going on

It's hip to be square,
It's hip to be square......"

But then what better music to share my latest update on my printer's tray? *grins*

I love home so I filled these squares with a heart, home sweet home, my sweet kitty Dagi and flowers for my garden.

Now I have a start on the nest four squares with a thimble. I have to decide on the next designs to use. IS hip to be square.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Warm feet once again.....

There have been two large cones of tshirt yarn sitting in my studio for months. I wanted to try using it but reading other bloggers talk about how difficult is can be to use, I kept putting it off. Recently, I found this pattern for a placemat and decided it was time to get that yarn out and give it a try...

I simply grabbed a 15mm crochet hook and got started. I found it quite easy to use with this large hook and it lays really nicely on the ground. I kept going until the yarn ran out of the one color and then switched over to the next. In the end, my rug came out to be 80cm x 100cm (31-1/2 x 39-1/2 inches). It is now in our bedroom on Jos' side of the bed. He can wake up in the morning to nice warm feet. *grins*


Friday, May 3, 2013

Potholder quilt progression.....

This past Wednesday was our quilt evening for May. I have been adding more blocks to our potholder quilt for this year's theme.

I added a fourth saying to the tablerunner...Measure twice, cut once. I stitched a spool of thread with a tape measure holder and tape measure. I have an antique one in my sewing antiques (which you can see in the collage photos) so thought it would be fun to add one to my quilt.

I also added another miniature patchwork block inside one hexagon. It is the Anvil to show my love of ironwork. I have often dreamed of taking a blacksmith course.

I am going to add blocks to the sides now as I think the runner is good at this length for my quilt studio table. You never know...I might make it longer later in the year but for now am going to concentrate on this length. Now to decide on my designs for the 7 hexie blocks.

I am linking to Suzanne's Lets Get Stitched.