Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dolls quilts and tea time for bears.....

In my quest to finish 15 UFOs this year, I added one more finish to my list. This quilt was started back in 2013 for one of Lori at Humble Quilts QALs. Who knows why it sat awaiting only the last strip of sawtooth border and quilting? I will edit my post later and let you know the size. I am at Cranberry Cottage for a quilter's weekend and forgot to measure it. 

This QAL was all about using on orphan block and creating a quilt around it. This block was left over sample block from my basic patchwork course I taught years ago. You forget over the years that those simple blocks you use to teach quilting are just beautiful blocks. I just love how this little doll quilt turned out! Thanks Lori for encouraging us to grab those orphans and give them a home. 

It prompted even the name for my quilt. 

Wednesday was busy day for Yona. He had a visit from his brother now named Muis (Mouse) who is seated on the right and his teacher Beer (Bear) seated in the middle. 

When Wilma and I finished our bearmaking classes, I invited our teacher Annemieke and Wilma to my home for a Teddy Bear High Tea. Of course, those three bears could not be left out! Yona had fun helping met set the table before our guests arrived and left a naughty mess on the table. He put bear paws (in the form of chocolate brownies) and bear poop (chocolate covered peanuts) all over the table. Silly bear!

I wanted to send Wilma and Annemieke home with a special reminder of our afternoon so I made them each a bear mug rug as a gift. 

That same evening, Beer was back home again with Annemieke and crawled into his bed with his mug rug to use as his very own quilt. Thanks Annemieke once again for sharing your talent for bears with us and for allowing me to share this photo of your own sweet bear. 



  1. Your tiny quilt is perfection.
    Love the bears!

  2. Love your quilt finish Heidi! Great idea to take an orphan block and use it as the center of a medallion like quilt.

    You always set the best tables!

  3. What a gorgeous quilt!
    Still giggling at the "bear poop" on the table

  4. Heidi, Your quilt is just lovely and your bears are just precious! I absolutely love them...

  5. Your doll quilt turned out great. So good to finish UFO's.
    What a fun post with all the teddy bear tea photo's!! Thanks for the wonderful day, I enjoyed the tea and seeing all (well probably not everything because there was so much to see) the beautiful things you made.

  6. Fantastic blog post....loved it!

  7. Thanks for letting me know the doll quilt :Faithful" was complete. Is is lovely!
    Your high tea looks like a fun time and I love the little mug rugs.

  8. That quilt is so nice. I love the colors of course. Your bear tea was great. You are such a clever girl. I still think your own bear also needs his very own bear quilt. He must be feeling so neglected right now. LOL. All the things ;you made for the tea sounded really good. I was getting a play by play on skype. See you soon. Love you, Mom


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