Friday, May 15, 2015

Has it been that long???

I have really neglected blogging lately. It is a busy time in my home and I seem to run from one thing to the next as well as one project to the next. Here is a little glimpse of what I have been working on...

I crocheted a wrap for my mother who visited us for the month of April. She always comments on my own shawl (click to view) so I wanted to make her one of her own. Her favorite color is red.

I made a one of a kind pincushion as a birthday gift for Bep who is a quilting friend. This was a frame for a picture but it just made me think pincushion. 

I joined a quilt themed book club. They sometimes do a quilt along as they read a book. We were rereading The Quilter's Apprentice by Jennifer Chiaverini and they started making Sarah's Sampler. I decided at the 11th hour to make one of my own interpretation. It is using 6 inch blocks and will be done with the garden maze setting. These were the first four blocks and my schoolhouse had to be reworked since then. I realized the next day after making it that doing patchwork when I am having a major FM attack is not a smart thing to do. *sigh* I have made more blocks but don't have a photo yet to share. More later of course...

In April, we had a spring surprise evening for the quilt group. I love these evenings because of the excitement of the ladies as they arrive anxious to see what the project was. They all made a crazy quilt strip as homework. Most thought it was going to become a bookmark but wrong guess. They got 4 small bottles and a birdcage button when they arrived and added a square to the sewn together strip to make a holder for the bottles/vases. Some of the finished holders are shown below. 

My goal for 15 UFOs is coming along so I will share another finish with you in my next post. Who knows...I might have the next finish done by then too. It is close to being done. But until then, I hope you are having a creative weekend!



  1. I'm so glad your Mom got to stay with you for a while. How wonderful! I love the little bottles in their nest. So cute! Hope you're feeling better now.

  2. You've been busy Heidi. I love the shawl you made for your mum

  3. Hello Heidi - it's been a very long time since I visited your blog. You've been busy! I love the red shawl and can imagine how your mother would love it.

  4. Beautiful shawl you made for your mum, very pretty.
    You've been busy with quilting too, its lovely.

  5. Hi Heidi,

    Sorry you have not been feeling well and hope you are better now.

    Love the little baskets and bottles what a wonderful idea, practical but.pretty.

    I am sure your Mum had a super time with you.


  6. The bottle basket project is so cute! I always enjoy seeing what your quilt group is working on and doing.

  7. Mooie sjaal! Heb je hem opgestuurd zeker? Het ziet er weer gezellig uit met de groep dames. Ik vind het altijd bijzonder dat je weer iets nieuws verzint wat volgens mij niemand van tevoren kan raden. Ziet er leuk uit!

  8. I had a great month with you and Jos. That shawl was a God send, I was cold the whole time I was there so wore it everyday. thank you again. The quilt evening was fun and I got to draw names and give out the prizes. I know many of the ladies from way back. Their project was really cute. Your quilt is coming right along. Love you so much. Have fun on vacation. Love Mom

  9. Prachtige shawl! I love it.
    de april quilt avond was weer super leuk en fijn om je moeder te ontmoeten.

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