Tuesday, March 17, 2015

American Tiles - a rag quilt

Being busy with UFOs means less online time for me. My blog has been neglected while my quilting is having a big boost of progress. I finished two UFOs in February. One was the 50 Hearts Jubilee quilt which I already shared and the second is this rag tile quilt. I used this as a sample project last year with our group group's theme of rag applique but did not get the quilt done. Since I set a goal of finishing 15 projects in 2015, this was at the top of the list. A simple and fun quilt to make...

All you need is one charm pack and a piece of background fabric. I pulled out the squares that I wanted to keep whole and then started cutting some of the charms in half for two rectangles and some in 4 small squares. Start placing them on the quilt background to test your placement starting at the top left corner working across and then down. In the end, I had one rectangle and three small squares left over which I used for the quilt label. Pin each piece in place on a quilt sandwich (background fabric placed on top of a piece of batting and backing fabric) as you will be quilting this by sewing each piece in place. Machine sew each piece in place 1/4 inch from the raw edge of each fabric. 

I have not thrown this in the washing machine and am not sure I will. I might simple keep picking threads here and there to ravel the edges. It would make a great playtime quilt for children using fun fabrics. The biggest job was tucking in all my threads when I was done sewing. 



  1. What a cool quilt! I've never seen anything like it.

  2. Stunning, and so very effective. Well done Heidi.

  3. So pleased to read you have been busy and not unwell Heidi. I love the tile quilt I agree it would make a lovely quilt for a small child. I have been busy making quilts for the Linus project.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Hazel c uk

  4. Ja, en natuurlijk vind ik dit een mooie quilt!

  5. all I can say is watch out, I'm coming. It might jump into my suitcase. lol
    Love you, Mom

  6. It's gorgeous Heidi and funny that I made a rag quilt too recently. I still need to snip the edges and throw it into the wash. I haven't seen a rag quilt like yours though! It's amazing!!


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