Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Welcome to The Black Cat Inn!

Welcome to The Black Cat Inn! The old proprietress is waiting to greet you. She has been here since the inn was established in 1848.....

Yes, two posts in two days. I had this finished done on Sunday and did not want to wait a moment longer to share it. I love Pamela at Our Pioneer Homestead's blog. She has a number of fun projects which I have had sitting waiting to do but when she started putting on some free stitching projects for autumn and I saw this...

I just HAD to stitch it right away. It was fun to take a break from my sewing machine and I worked on it while I talked to my mother on Skype each day. was done before I knew it. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to make a door sign with it so I dove into my stash and found some 19-count (yes 19 which is huge for me and I even stitched it over 2 to make it bigger!) so this sweet little pillow design would be much bigger.

I hope you do not mind Pamela as I did make your edge zig-zag since this is a large area and also added an extra bat. Jos cut me a piece of wood and sprayed it mat black. I mounted it with upholstery tacks and hung it with a string of jute.

Thanks Pamela! I am now going to be starting on the next design you posted. Hopefully I will be able to do it this weekend...

Click on the photos to enlarge them. You can see the fun graphics that are now available for Halloween on I had so much fun playing with them yesterday!



  1. That looks fabulous Heidi, and I love the header picture with the spectral lady

  2. I've just been on Pamela's blog and saw her great designs. I will definitely stitch one of her fall deigns, they are so lovely. Thanks for sharing. Yours looks terrific and such a creative way to display it.

  3. I'm not that into Halloween, and I guess the Dutch never will (?), but I love the site you sent me too. Her new freebies is wonderful.
    Love your finishing!

  4. What a fabulously fun finish, Heidi!! I love it!
    Very cute how you finished it ~ looks great hanging there with the proprietress! Thanks so much for the link. I'm going to pop on over there and check it out.

  5. Hey, I want a ghost. I love her, she is too cute. You were playing with this as we talked yesterday. She is just perfect.
    Your sign is so cute. I bet Pamela won't mind the extra bat at all. Keep stitching (oh, and working on the fifty other projects you have going and in your head.)
    Love you and happy quilt night.

  6. FANTASTIC! I love how you put it in your front window~ it looks so good! You're right- it needed an extra bat! I love it~

  7. Heidi, I love what you have done with this project and the entrance way. Just right for this time of year. Take care.

  8. Wat een gezellige ontvangst, ik vind het idee met de zwarte kat erg leuk zo naast je voordeur.

    Liefs en hugies,Bep.

  9. Heidi, I love the spooky 'lady' of the house. What a welcome, it brings goosebumps to my skin but I can't help myself accepting her chilling invitation. What fun you have been having. I love the stitching, a great build up for halloween.
    Warm wishes or cool ones :-)
    Angela xx


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