Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tuesday Tallies...better late than never!

I ended up having to miss last week's Tuesday Tallies and am late this week. With my Halloween party to prepare for and my elf work, I have not been able to keep up with myself. I am a perfectionist and worked many hours to make sure things were all just right. But now November is almost upon us and I am hoping for some time to work on a couple of big projects for our home.

In the meantime, I did keep making snowflakes. I guess you could say there were snow flurries whirling a little around our house. I have a stack of 9 snowflakes awaiting their red edging and 18 sewn together so far. I have started making one and sewing it on instead of allowing them to simply stack up. I am really loving this and have decided that I will make it as big as my yarn stash will allow. I bought 2 10-packs of each color at Aldi's when they were on sale so I should be able to make a nice big blanket with this. Wonder if it will be big enough for my bed???

I mentioned back in September when we were staying for a week up at Cranberry Cottage that I was making leaves out the leftover yarn from this throw. I made 15 of them but then I came home and they just sat. I finally made a chain for them to hang.

This is not a great place for the garland but I do not have a mantle. I want to hang them on little hooks by my entrance to the kitchen but have not yet begged Jos to put some hooks up for me. *grins*

For more inspiring projects, go to Carole's blog and see the One a Day Project links.



  1. The snowflake blanket is stunning Heidi

  2. Hi Heidi, I love the snowflake blanket, I'm going to start a cushion for a Christmas present using them, thanks for the inspiration. The garland is fab, in answer to your question, I'm hoping to sell the strawberry baby shoes at a craft fair on Saturday. Have a good week, btw, love the new cross stitch header. Deb x

  3. The snowflake blanket will be fabulous!!! And the garland is very sweet.

  4. Heidi, I'm not sure how you find the time to do all of the things you do. The snowflake blanket is beautiful. Just great things made with your hands. I hope you have a most spooky-happy Halloween! Take care!

  5. So much lovely crochet Heidi! Love your leafy garland!
    Victoria xx

  6. Love the garland, what a nice idea!
    I pinned the snowflake blanket, it's certainly one for the future!
    I always find crochet demands a lot of yarn, more than I hope for...

  7. I love that snowflake afghan. It is great. Hope it does make enough for your bed.
    Go to Action and get thumb tacks for your garland.
    Have fun keeping on with your million ideas and projects.
    Love Mom

  8. Thanks Heidi for the tip on the cushion. Deb x

  9. Your snowflakes will make a fabulous winter blanket - perfect for the Christmas season!

  10. Hi Heidi!! Both projects are really beautiful!! It was worth waiting for them!!!

  11. Ohhhh, I love that snowflake afghan! This may just have to become another project at my the leaves too. I especially love your new header...that cat wall is really beautiful...Hope you have a cozy day stitching...Hugs from CA.

  12. Love your crochet project Heidi. I've just finished my very first granny square pram blanket for my new granddaughter Winnie.
    Patricia x


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