Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday Tallies...thinking ahead to Christmas...

I just cannot help myself. Does anyone else have that? Halloween is over and my thoughts turn to Christmas. It is helped along by my latest One a Day project. My snowflake afghan is coming along. I have 29 snowflakes completed with only 2 of them needing sewing onto the afghan. A further 4 are waiting for the red edging.

But I also have to give this granny throw a little love and attention. I had it sitting along with a couple of others in a large basket. It must have caught on the edge but I found it ripped. See the thread sticking out and my grey cluster left dangling. I have to carefully repair it and needless to say, it will not be sitting in that basket any longer. I would love to have a big basket of afghans sitting out in my living room but I would have to have a fabric lined to I see.

And yesterday, I made this cute little miniature version of a gnome's hat. It is for a larger project that is not quite finished yet. I will share more very soon.....

If you want to see more One a Day projects...stop over to Carole's blog for more links.



  1. I do not need a one a day project. I am knitting a fisherman knit sweater and it is a many day project. I back is close to done, then on to the front and sleeves.
    Your snowflakes are very cute and I know you are happy to have the gnome hat finished after many tries to keep the yarn untwisted to get it started. I knew you could get it though so no problem. Very cute.
    Happy newslettering next. lol
    Love Mom

  2. I'm loving your snowflake afghan, and your granny square looks really pretty, gorgeous colours. Hehe, your comment made me laugh, you guessed right. I'm doing squares though and after your tip, I'm using 4ply and 3.25mm hook. Thank you for all your help, she will love it. Have a good week. Deb x

  3. Hi, Heidi. In the past, I would usually decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving at the same time--just pull out the witches or whatever so Christmas can begin anytime but usually after Thanksgiving. I repeat..I love the snowflake afghan. It is gorgeous. Sorry to hear that you have to do a mending job-that's always happening around here. Hope you are doing well and not in much pain. Please take care!

  4. Wow, those snowflakes are looking fabulous!
    Victoria xx

  5. It is always lovely to see what you are working on!
    Can't wait to see what that little hat is for!

  6. Your snowflakes are soooo lovely. I love this blanket. Greetings from Germany. Sabine.

  7. That gnome hat kills me, Heidi!!!

  8. The snowflakes are gorgeous. What a shame the blanket got snagged on the basket, I hope you can fix it

  9. Those snowflakes really stand out on the deep reb background. They look stunning!

  10. Great progress! I am still loving the snowflakes.

  11. Hi Heidi!! I love that snowflakes, Can you give me the pattern?? They´re great!!

  12. Well, yes, I have been thinking about Christmas. Indeed, I've been thinking about it for quite a while, wondering how I'll get gifts purchased since my time is so limited. Phil is in the hospital now (he was admitted on Monday), and won't be released until sometime Thanksgiving week, then we will have who-knows-how-many follow-up appointments. Not to mention that my family members won't give me their wish lists! So I may write checks and let them shop for themselves. I am working on cross stitched ornaments, though.

    Your snowflake afghan is going to be beautiful!


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