Friday, November 23, 2012

Who needs to shop.....

...when you can make things yourself? Today is Black Friday in the US but hopefully some of my friends there are home being creative instead of battling the crowds.

I tried my first crochet purse and love how it turned out. It helped that I found the neatest chunky yarn to use. I just love the browns and greys in the yarn! I used this blog tutorial but must admit that I had to to start it three times to get it right. It was coming out the size of a shopping bag so I played with the starting stitches until I have the size just right for me. I also did not add a ribbon and did add a crochet flap with a button to close the purse.

I had a touch of yarn left and with yarn this have to use it up. So I used the cowl tutorial from Annaboo's House and created this...

Again it had to be altered slightly and is not as big as it should be as I had only so much yarn. But I love how it fits around my neck to keep me warm! I might make another of these with some more leftover yarn just because I loved making it.

Last but not least, while being snowed under with snowflakes for my afghan, I needed a little diversion. I decided to try out one block for a project for next year. I have to rip out the mocca color yarn though as I should have used another color for those two rows. My mocca yarn will be the last row to connect the blocks and my edging. I love this block since it reminds me of my Bull's Eye quilt I made about 7 years ago.



  1. I loved that bulls eye quilt you made. It was always one of my favorites. Now that purse is just great. You could sure make them and sell them. Love the neck warmer too.
    Glad you are having fun.
    Love you, Mom
    PS: Hope your away from home Thanksgiving dinner was good. I was talking to you as you were making it.

  2. Hello Heidi,
    Playing hooky again I see, but I do love the purse you made and the cowl looks lovely and warm. look forward to seeing the snowflakes.

  3. Loving your cowl Heidi, such a lovely pattern isn't it? And your bag is gorgeous too.
    Victoria xx

  4. I always avoid the Black Friday shopping. I have so little to get this year that I will go after the crowd thin out. I don't want to be tempted by all the bargins, people are shopping for themselves mostly. I'm not making gifts this year either. I haven't been in a sewing mood, but I love what you have done. I'm done decluttering my books and I do plan to pass on the rest as I read them except for those that I like to reread. I'm in my 70's and I don't think I will get all of these books read. I can tell my family isn't too happy about me getting rid of stuff. They see me as their own personal library. lol. Books take up room and we all have a lot of them. We are a reading family. You always inspire me though to sew. Thanks. Linda

  5. Stunning bag, the cowl looks nice and snuggly too.

  6. Your new crochet efforts are stunning, Heidi. There is obviously no end to your talent!

    I spent "Black Friday" enjoying a late, large lazy breakfast with the family and an extra friend who slept over. After that, I went over to a friend's house and hung out with some of the nice new friends I'm making here in Maine (since none of you guys have followed me over from Holland!). I sorted out some mail that had arrived, did my barns chores, and put in a root-vegetable roast for dinner. No shopping. No crowds. No stress. :D

  7. Indeed, who needs to shop? I love what you did with the leftovers.

  8. Fabulous Heidi!! Love the purse and that cowl, oh I can imagine how comfy and warm it is!

  9. Lovely purse Heidi and that yarn looks so warm for the cowl that you have made.

    We have enjoyed a beautiful Autumn day here in the UK but with strong winds.
    Hope you are well.
    Hazel c (uk)

  10. Heidi, it is all so beautiful--I love the purse especially. What Black Friday :D . We used to do it mainly to get deals for the family on electronics but were home by 10 am. Now--that's for the younger people. Take care!

  11. Love the look of that cosy cowl Heidi and the purse is gorgeous.
    Patricia x

  12. Gorgeous purse. I love the cowl. Sometimes it's all you need to keep toasty warm.

  13. I love your purse and cowl. I will have to check out these blogs.

  14. Heidi, wat een leuke tas heb je gemaakt en wil je die warme sjaal niet al strak om doen, dat is niet gezond en krijg je het vast veeeeel te warm.
    Liefs en hugies, Bep.

  15. It's been a bit since my last visit. I popped in to say hello. I just love her header!


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