Friday, November 29, 2013

Advent Quilt - The Christmas Mystery S&QAL

Over the years, I have shared many of my ideas with my friends in my quilt group. I thought it would be fun to share one with all of you in a S&QAL (Stitch and Quilt ALong).

I am calling this quilt 'The Mystery of Christmas'. This is a wonderful time of year but I find myself feeling more nostalgic each year for the Christmasses of my childhood. It seemed then that there was a magic in the air. For me, Christmas is not the commercial but the personal side which appeals. I love making things and find a true gift no matter how small is handmade. Old traditions like advent calendars bring a childlike magic to the season.

A couple of years ago, my blogging friend Marsha sent me an advent calendar which I still use each year. I found her a miniature one in Germany and sent it to her. Oh those windows were so tiny! Our shared love of this Christmas fun inspired this quilt. It was the theme project for my quilt group last year. As the S&QAL progresses, I will share some of the beautiful versions the ladies in my group made.

So I hope you will join me and make yourself and family your own version of my advent quilt which I will show you how to make very personal. You could even get your children/grandchildren involved.

The first part is the quilt itself...

My quilt is created using the pattern called 'Attic Window'. If you find this pattern to challenging, you can change it to a half 'Log Cabin' following the cutting instructions and dotted line on the diagram. The finished quilt measures 38-1/2 inches square.

You will need about
3/4 yard of your two main fabrics - one lighter for squares and one darker color for windows
1/2 yard of second darker color
1/3 yard of accent color
fat quarter or scraps of third color for coin borders only

Here is the pattern in two parts for you to print.

Advent Quilt part one
Advent Quilt part two

When the patchwork is completed, quilt as desired and sew a button on the top of each block. Placement for the buttons are shown on the pattern.

Each Advent Sunday, I will share some of the blocks which hang on the quilt. I had shared glimpses of this project previously on my blog. Here is a peek of what is to come....

This project is for quilters and stitchers alike. So many do both but I will show you how you can adapt things along the way to your own preference for stitching, applique, stitchery or patchwork.

I hope you willl join me this advent to work on a special heirloom for yourself and your family. It will give you the creative space among all the bustle to discover 'The Mystery of Christmas'!

Let's get started......



  1. Oh how lovely is this Heidi. It's gorgeous and really does look like an attic window in your last picture. I'd love to have a go but just haven't got the time at the moment. Will bear this in mind at a later date though. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.
    Patricia x

  2. How absolutely wonderful and delightful! I am definitely going to try to do this for next year! Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful too!

  3. Oh Heidi I love it. I am going to print everything out for a future project as you know, I love a good Advent calendar. I only just finished my third quilt and have a QAL scheduled starting in Jan. i'm assured it's for a confident beginner but I don't know how confident I am. I am in the midst of trying to complete stitching ornaments. I look forward to sewing this. Hugs from Ohio!

  4. That is the most lovely Advent calendar I've ever seen.

  5. Dear Heidi, I have loved this quilt from the time you first posted about it. It is truly beautiful. I too love the extra special traditions of Christmas and the memories that they bring. Advent Calendars were a big part of our Christmas traditions and I treasure those memories. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern.

  6. Sounds like fun but I think I will have to pass on this for now! Maybe I can catch up in the summer!!

  7. Going to print this out, look for some fabric, and then maybe get started. I should have time in my day to work on would be great to have. I do love the colors you are using in yours.
    blessings, jill

  8. This is really coming out so pretty. The pattern is great. I could never and I do mean Never do this. I am not a quilter as you know. I hope you manage to get it done for the season since you basically started all over with your windows. Great as usual.
    Love you, Mom


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