Sunday, December 9, 2012

Counting snowflakes.....

This weekend has been spent counting snowflakes both inside and out.....

Technically, I have only 4 more snowflakes to add to my afghan to complete the pattern as it is written. I decided it is more a throw than an afghan as is. It needs some more length to be usable for us. I have made enough snowflakes to add two more rows to the afghan so far. I will then see if I want to stop and do the edging or continue to add more snowflakes.

On Friday, we had a wonderful day of heavy snowfall so the perfect weekend weather to stay indoors and do my handwork. We even opened the curtains last night and put on the terrace lights to see the snow before it disappeared. And disappear it did. I work up in the middle of the night hearing something at our front door. We keep the window open behind the iron grill there and it sounded like someone was at the door. I got out of bed to look and it was the chunks of heavy snow melting in the warm rain that had started. You would not even know we had a beautiful winter wonderland over the last two days if you look out today.

And speaking of winter wonderland...

I not only love to create myself but love to support others who create beautiful things. I have just received my second messenger bag that I bought from Corry and Heleen over at DutchSisters.

They do fabulous work with great attention to details and the bags are a delight to use. They are not heavy and can be carried over the shoulder. That is something I have to have due to my illness. It is a fun thing to have one now for the winter season.

Wishing you a creative Sunday evening!


  1. Your snowflake afghan is gorgeous! I love seeing pictures of snow - it never snows here as our winters are so mild (the air conditioner is still on).

  2. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.... Well your right the world looked pretty with all the snow. But if you have to go out and about, it's not that funny! So I'm realy glad that I can drive on normal roads tomorrow and the next couple of days. Love the new bag!
    Knuffels en tot woensdag

  3. Hallo heidi, wat fijn te horen dat de tas je goed bevalt. Bedankt voor het posten en het plaatsen van een link.
    Je sterrenkleed is echt een plaatje!
    groetjes, Heleen en Corry

  4. A stunning bad, what a lovely picture it has on it.
    We had a small sprinkling of wet snow today, but it stopped quite soon after it started, quite a suprise it was.
    Your snowflake afghan looks splendid.

  5. OOOOh i love your snowflake afghan, perfect for the winter!
    I love snowy photos and you had a great view from your window, It's been cold here, but no snow as yet.

    I do love a new bag and yours is just great :-)

    Have a good week x

  6. I am loving your snowflake afghan/'s beautiful!
    Love the snow picture. It has been on the warmer side here so far this December, not that my heating bill is complaining, and so just rain.
    What a lovely bag! The picture is s pretty.

  7. Utterly gorgeous, Heidi! I can't believe the weather you're getting there - it's still warm(ish) here - very weird.

  8. I just love snow Heidi. Sitting indoors on a cold afternoon watching the snow fall is magic for me. BUT... not quite so good the next morning when I have to do the school run for my grandsons. We have some very wintry weather conditions supposedly arriving here in the UK on Wednesday and, as a rule everything' comes to a halt. Watch this space....
    Patricia x

  9. It was magic last Friday, especially when everybody got home safely. Still love the snowflake afghan, but I agree it should grow larger.

  10. Heidi, the snowflakes are coming along nicely and such beauty the snow gives. You are in my thoughts. Please take care as you enjoy the season.-Amy

  11. Your snowflake throw looks beautiful Heidi.

  12. Your snowflake throw is so beautiful.
    I love your new bag too.
    So glad that you had a cozy weekend!

  13. The snowflake afghan is wonderful and the bag is a treasure.

  14. The Dutch Sisters bag is really pretty. You will enjoy it I'm sure. Looks like you could pop your Kindle in it too.
    The afghan is going to be great. You sure do those afghans fast.
    I know how much you loved your snowfall. We haven't had one yet, but I really do not need it. LOL You can have all of it this year.
    Have fun continuing your decorating.
    Love Mom

  15. Love your new bag! Can't wait to see the snowflake throw!

  16. Your throw is going to be so lovely when it's finished. A throw I crocheted a few years ago is now a long rectangle instead of a more square one (if that makes sense). My daughter says I need to wash and block it, which I may do sometime, but in the meantime, I bought myself one of those one pound skeins of yarn and will crochet myself a new one, once I decide on a pattern!

    We haven't gotten more than 1/2" of snow, and there's none in the forecast. All it does is rain. Ugh.

  17. Your snowflake afghan is really stunning. I love red and white anything from quilts to samplers and now snowflake afghans...grins...It looks so cozy to snuggle up in...perfect for when more snow comes along! I love the bag too. Just beautiful. Hugs from CA.


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