Thursday, December 20, 2012

Will the real elf stand up?

Miss Pickles is so busy with real elf duty instead of playing around on the advent calender. *grins* She has made a few more gifts. This is a yarn holder for Mieke. Miss Pickles crocheted a cover for this tin to hold the yarn and keep it from rolling away on the floor.

Miss Pickles also stitched up two snowflakes. Did you know that elves make snowflakes? This is a hanger that she found while in Germany last month. It is supposed to be hung outside with a suet feeding ball for a bird. But Miss Pickles sees things other than what they are and decided two snowflakes would be very pretty hanging there instead.

There is so much fun in looking at things in a different way. She hopes Silvia will enjoy her gift...

Are you helping the elves to be creative this week? Miss Pickles is still very busy with a surprise...



  1. Well, I have a Miss Pickles surprise waiting to be opened on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve because Bill is working a double on Christmas. Bill, Eric and George also have Miss Pickles gifts waiting. You will be opening your presents at the Cottage again.
    Both of the gifts you made are just great.
    Love you, Mom

  2. Miss Pickles is one talented elf!!

  3. Miss Pickles has been a very busy little bee! (Or elf in this case!)

  4. I love the snowflake decoration, what a brilliant idea


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