Sunday, September 16, 2012

Set the table!

I have a set of dishes that is a simple service for two. I use these for Jos and I every day since it is easier than getting out our good set of dishes. We are big soup lovers and with cold weather coming, I decided to do a fun project while I was still at Cranberry Cottage since I had finished my autumn throw.

So I went to Zeeman and bought some of their chunky Nigra yarn in taupe.

I used a coaster pattern on Karen's blog which you can find here. Using a chunky yarn and 4,5mm hook, I was able to make the coaster larger to use as a soup bowl coaster.

I also adapted the pattern to create a matching placemat for the plates. It will work with my large and small plates very well. I love having this little set now to use with our simple every day dishes.



  1. For a long time you have been wanting these. Kristy was suppose to be making some. LOL.
    Oh well, you made your own now. They came out so cute. Now you can make sets in all colors with scrap yarn and oh, maybe you should make four, just in case. hahahaha.
    Love you, Mom

  2. O Wow... I just pinned the pattern on my pinterest board!! How weird is that!! Love the color and they make a perfect dining set.

  3. It looks like they will serve you well. I hope you enjoy them this winter. Take care!

  4. Love your new coasters and placemats Heidi :-)

  5. Ooh I love them. I've decided to make some for a good friend for Christmas. Thankyou Heidi.
    Patricia x

  6. Very pretty! Just perfect for tfall and winter. This is just the project I need to use some leftover cotton yarn!

  7. love the coasters. Very pretty, Heidi.

  8. Hej Heidi, ik heb je gevonden en zie nu ook iets bekends. Heb je al op mijn hej tjorven blog gekeken?

  9. These are beautiful Heidi and yet so simple.

    Hope you are both well.

    Love Hazel c (uk)

  10. Oh, Heidi they are really lovely! And the pattern too. I wish I had more time for crocheting ... I started a new (little) project too.
    Have a great week! Greetings from Germany. Sabine.

  11. Hallo Heidi, wat en leuk idee om een stapeltje van deze onderzetters te maken, ook voor bezoek!!!
    Dus heb jij nooit genoeg aan twee stuks van ieder, ha,ha.
    Liefs Bep.

  12. You are so insanely talented, Heidi!!

  13. They are beautiful, very good idea.


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