Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gathering acorns...

While I was staying at Cranberry Cottage, I finally finished the first of three pieces of stitching intended to hang at the cottage. Here is the Coeur D' Automne by Gazette94.....

I used only a portion of the pattern making it fit into these wonderful frames I found. They have the perfect outdoor theme for Cranberry Cottage. Although they look like wood, they are made of a very heavy plaster. I will be making Coeur Hiver next. I have had these sitting started for ages so it is nice to see another UFO being finished.

Yesterday was a very busy day baking fabric. I need tea dyed muslin for a surprise for the ladies from my quilt group who have reserved a place at my Halloween High Tea party. I have to make 10 surprises. It is taking more time than I had anticipated so if I am not around much it is because I am very busy in my quilt studio.

I started the tea dying yesterday morning at 10am and only took the last piece of muslin out of the oven at 6pm when Saskia came by after work. I had also made a big pot of lentil soup so asked her to stay and enjoy soup and bread by the woodstove. What says autumn more than soup by the fire?



  1. Adorable finish and utterly scrumptious fabric!!!

  2. Such a cute finish ~ that frame is perfect! And your fabric is fabulous!!

  3. And the soup was so good! That, with compagnie made me feel a bit better! Thanks Heidi!!

  4. Love the squirrels. Your fabric looks lovely. x

  5. Love your sweet stitching Heidi!
    Victoria xx

  6. The squirrels are lovely and the tea dyed fabric came out really well. I love to make soups in the autumn too

  7. leuk geworden, dat borduurtje! echt herfstig.
    je geverfde lap ziet er al mooi uit, benieuwd wat het nog meer gaat worden.

  8. The squirrels look perfect with the frame, very nice!
    Soup this time of year is always wonderful..YUM!!
    Hopefully you received my reply email :)
    Happy Weekend!

  9. The squirrels are looking familiar...;-) I made the authumn-heart too.After all I'm a squirrel-lover...
    Nice frame Heidi!
    Hope you'll have a lovely weekend...

  10. I have sure missed talking to you all week. Have to catch
    up tomorrow. Very cute finish for the cottage. Sounds like you still have the same number of ladies coming to the tea.
    Love you, Mom

  11. I love the tea dyed fabric. I wish you would do a tutorial on that process. I love the stitching - it is perfect in your frame.

  12. Wat een leuk borduurtje heb je gemaakt, is precies de goede sfeer voor "Cranberry's Cottage",ik raad iedereen aan daar een kijkje te gaan nemen, zooooooooo gezellig.
    Natuurlijk ben ik heel benieuwd wat die lap stof voor smaakje krijgt, ha, ha.

    Liefs en huygies, Bep.

  13. The tea dyed fabric looks great.


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