Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A granny of a different kind.....

When I started crocheting, I had spent hours on end looking at many projects which the internet is rich in. Oh the possibilities! Oh the danger! *wink* I knew I wanted to make a granny ripple as soon as I saw one online. I loved making granny squares so why not a ripple? I grabbed yarn (aubergine, olive green and grey) from my stash and here is the results...

I think I only took about two weeks to make this one. It goes so fast and is so fun. But the instructions tell you to simply crochet around the entire edge with a single crochet. I had it finished two days ago but felt like it was not finished. I even thought it felt unfinished when I used it to keep warm in the evening.

I decided to take the yarn back out again yesterday and create a double crochet edging around the ripple afghan again. You can see the look with just single crochet on this photo. It is still needing crocheted on the top of the photo...

Once I finished the double crochet, I then did another single crochet around it to totally give it an even more finished look.

And now I am really happy with the results of my granny ripple throw.

Off now as I have to leave for a second appointment at the hospital now. I saw the eye doctor this morning who said I do not have vasculitis so that is not the cause of the blood flow problems in my hand. However, he told me my eye muscles are infected due to my Graves orbitopathy and it was the correct decision to not have the surgery done as the other hospital wanted. He also put me on a low dosage of aspirin to hopefully control my frequent optical migraines. These kind of migraines are not painful but cause your vision to be impaired while they occur. They are happening too often lately even though it is not due to the Graves as I wondered. He said some people are helped by taking aspirin to thin the blood in the brain. Off now to see my internist about the results from this morning...



  1. First, the afghan is great. I was on skype with you when you were deciding on the pattern. The colors are very nice and the edge looks like a little train track. lol.
    I'm glad to hear you made the right decision about your eye surgery. It is so hard to know just what to do when so many doctors are involved.
    Let me know what else you hear today.
    Our doctor prescribed low dose asprin to prevent heart attacks.
    Love you, Mom

  2. Girl - you are speedy! I love this afghan. I like the border you put around the whole thing - that is your quilting girl coming out in you! :)

  3. The afghan is wonderful! Enjoy it. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you hopefully learn more about what it is that is causing this. Keep up your spirits! Please take care!

  4. I love the afghan Heidi!!!!! I too love granny squares and a granny ripple....how perfect. I will have to hunt up a pattern....grins....I too have been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Here is a hug from CA. I wish I lived closer so we could spend an afternoon chatting over a cup of tea and of course something chocolate!!!!

  5. The afghan is lovely! I have my zigzag in much need of finihsing off. I love the way you have finished yours. Great news about the vasculitis! I'll keep praying. xx

  6. It looks cozy! You can do crochet very fast, I guess. Two weeks!

    I hope you'll feeling well by the treatment your doctor is planning. I only heart the other day my niece may have Graves too.

  7. o sorry, for a specific reason I have to block my name for two weeks. I'll add my name now in a different way....

  8. Wat een mooie Granny! Ziet er echt uit om lekker onder weg te kruipen.
    En gelukkig maar dat je ervoor had gekozen niet te opereren.

  9. I've never heard of a granny ripple, but really like it! Your color choices are great, and the addition of the edging around the outside finishes it off nicely.

    I hope the aspirin helps your headaches/vision problems. This getting older and our bodies failing us is so hard, isn't it?

  10. Love your granny ripple!
    I used to get that kind of migraine but mine were triggered by flickering light. Strip type lights were the worst. Have you recently changed the lighting in your home?

  11. Wonderful finish!
    I hope that your appointments went well and you are feeling better soon.

  12. Beautiful throw, a lovely colours combination, your border finishes it off beautifully.
    Hope all goes well at your appointment.

  13. Beautiful!!
    Wishing you all the best with your appointments.

  14. Stunning, Heidi. And I just love the colors!

  15. Very beautiful!!!

  16. Love your colors. Im working on one now for a baby blanket. My colors are pink, white and chocolate. Thanks for the pictures. I wasnt sure how I was going to finish this, but the simple dc/sc edge is perfect!

  17. Love your colors. Im working on one now for a baby blanket. My colors are pink, white and chocolate. Thanks for the pictures. I wasnt sure how I was going to finish this, but the simple dc/sc edge is perfect!


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