Friday, July 13, 2012

My Great Grannies.....

Meet Singer 160. This machine, if you do not already know about it, was designed to celebrate Singer's 160th anniversary this year. It is a computer sewing machine put in a nostalgic model reminiscing back to the original old Singers. Jos spent some time looking for one for me.

I have decided to name her Florence in honor of this lady...

She is my great grandmother and her name was passed on further in two generations to come including my wonderful aunt who was Florence Jane. Her husband was James, the handsome man in the next photo.

These two people in my family passed long before I was born but I am so glad that they gave me their daughter who was to become my grandmother. My grandmother was a very special and magical lady.

When I heard about the Great Granny Along that started this week, I thought it would be fun to participate but in my own special way. I wanted something special to be the first quilt sewn on my new machine Florence.

If you want to see or read more about this quilt along just check out Lori and Jodi's blogs. There is a tutorial on how to make the block on Lori's blog. I really enjoyed this technique.

Perhaps you might have spotted the differences for me with this QAL in the photos? I first wanted to make this quilt in honor of my own two great grannies. I started this yesterday with my laptop sitting on a chair beside me in my studio. My mother was on Skype with me and telling me about my great grandmothers while I sewed. She was able to see me sew the first block on this quilt. That made it much more fun knowing she was watching.

The other difference in my quilt is that I needed to use fabrics that gave an old feel since my great grandmother Florence was born in 1874 and my great grandmother Mary Jane born in 1873. I love seeing that bright look many are using for their Great Granny blocks as it resembles the granny square afghans popular at moment but it would not give the feeling I want for this quilt.

The final difference is that I reduced the size in Lori's instructions from a 12 to a 6 inch block. I am turning this into a doll quilt. You know how addicted I am to making doll quilts. Here are my first three blocks.....

Finally, this is my great grandmother and grandfather Mary Jane and Albert. Mary Jane has to me the very typical grandmother's face. What a shame I never knew any of my great grandparents. My mother is a great grandmother to four and it is wonderful that they all know her and get to spend time with her. It shares a piece of who you are when you can connect generations.

I am trying to connect in my own way through stitching pieces of our family history into this quilt.


  1. what a beautiful Singer!! I'm a little jealous, though I'm not a sewer. I love the first blocks you made with her.

  2. I didn't get to know them either Heidi. My Grandma, Florence, came to stay with us quite a few times. She was in an old wooden wheel chair all her life that I knew her. She died when I was 7. My GGF died before I was born.
    Your GGM and GGP Smith died when I was 8 I think. They lived in Pa. so I only saw them twice. It is sad that I never really knew my Grandparents.
    Yes, My GG's are with me, well, in Arizona, so I can see and spoil them. Of course, they lost their Grandma Fawn, so that is just as bad for them. They never knew her.
    You quilt is coming along so well. It will be finished in no time. You machine is great. I know you tried to tell me I need one too, but no I don't. They sell them at Joann Fabrics.
    Love you, Have fun,

  3. Yet another beautiful quilt and a lovely story. I love that you named your machine Florence!

  4. Lovely blocks. I hope you will enjoy your machine. This is a nice connection of history you are making. I only knew one of my great grandmothers. I feel so fortunate for that and that my girls got to really know one of their great grands and met at least two on their father's side. Take care and have a good weekend!

  5. I was blessed to know one of my great-grandfathers, my paternal grandmother's father. Although I didn't see him often, I have such fond memories of him! My girls were blessed to know his daughter as their great-grandmother, or GG as they called her.

    Memorializing special relatives through a quilt is a great idea. Maybe someday.

  6. I have memories of three of my great grandparents, so I consider myself quite lucky. I'm sad that my own grandsons won't know my parents, but they adore their Nanny and Poppo, Greg's parents.
    How lovely that you have this sweet quilt to connect you with your great grandmothers, and as such a special first project with your new machine.

  7. How wonderful to commemmorate your family within your stitching. The colours are perfect.

  8. Perfect name for your new machine, she does look beautiful, as do your great grandmothers in their pictures. Your mini quilts will be adorable.

  9. I much prefer the subtler colors in your version, even without the excellent justification of these colors being more in keeping with your grandmothers. :)

  10. This wee quilt seems a lovely way to honour and remember your great grandmothers.

  11. Your new machine is fabulous.
    I love the colours you are using in your quilt, it is going to be gorgeous

  12. Wonderful post and tribute to your grandmothers!

  13. Een heel toepasselijke naam voor je nieuwe machine en dan ook nog grootmoeders blokken ermee naaien!

  14. I'm using darker fabrics for my quilt, and have reduced the size to 6" also! How 'bout that? LOL

  15. Love your granny squares!!

  16. Love those blocks... wish I had time to start something new...

  17. Leuk verhaal, zo mooi dat je wel herinneringen hebt, via anderen en foto's! Nou heb ik dus nog nooit van zo'n Singer gehoord:( Ik heb ergens niet opgelet of zo. Hij ziet er wel mooi uit en natuurlijk je blokken. Erg leuk in die kleine maat.


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