Thursday, January 24, 2013

Warm feet.....

This was a fun project to keep our feet warm in the mornings. I bought a chunky variegated yarn from the grocery store Lidl and made a simple long rug to use by the kitchen sink. It is thick and warm and soft under your feet. Just in case you would love to have this is the pattern I made up as I went along...

Crochet Kitchen Rug
yarn - chunky 600g/516m
hook - 8mm

Chain 100. Turn, ch 1, *dc in next st, sc in next st*. Repeat *  * to end of the row ending with a dc. Turn, ch 1 and repeat *  * for 31 rows total.

To edge the rug, ch2 in the last corner. Sc along each side with 2 sc in same st. in each of the four corners.



  1. Lovely rug Heidi and looks great in your kitchen. We have Lidls here too so will look out for that yarn. Have a great weekend.
    Patricia x

  2. Great rug Heidi. I fear my cats would destrou something like that if I were to put one in my kitchen :)

  3. That looks lovely, nothing like a spot of warmth under your feet at this time of year. I've got a lovely American braided rug in my kitchen made by a lady called Jessica Navarro. Each rug is signed by the person who made it.

  4. really nice heidi!!
    Have a nice weekend!!

  5. Heidi, it is beautiful and looks perfect for your kitchen. Hope you are continuing to improve. Take care!

  6. This is so pretty. I have made several rugs like this.

  7. looks great! Your home gets decorated more and more with your DIY ideas!

  8. That's too funny that Lidl carried yarn. That's the fun part of European grocery stores, the surprises every week :) At least we've got Aldi here in this part of the U.S.!
    Nice job on the rug!!

  9. That is just the greatest. You are a very clever little elf.
    Bet it is very nice to walk on.
    Love you, Mom

  10. Looks so cozy in your kitchen! Nice job!

  11. dear heidi,
    this is so pretty.great job!!!
    wish you a nice weekend,
    love and hugs regina


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