Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I like the word variegated to describe life at the moment. *grins*  It is January and I am in project overload already. But being the new year and starting on my new GoodReads book challenge, I am also in reading overload. When I am too busy with my projects, listening to my Kindle audible book The Magic Little Christmas by Julia Williams fits the bill. Don't let the title fool is not only a Christmas read. At times, I really need to hold a book and turn the pages which I am doing now reading Chocolate Wishes by Trisha Ashley. Fun to visit the village of Sticklepond (from her book A Winter's Tale) once again in this book.

My circle in a square grannies are coming along nicely. I have decided on making the blanket 7 squares wide so the first 5 rows are ready and row 6 is half done. I am also working on a new lacy cowl but more about that later.

During our week up at the cottage in September, I had purchased two balls of sock yarn having seen the beautiful shawls made from Noro sock yarn. Noro is very expensive but I found an alternative that was half the price and still had a long continuation of color in the variegation as with the Japanese yarn. I waited to start with this until the new year. I am loving the way it is turning out. It is fun to watch which colors come next. I had a few false starts with the hook size and pattern as I got it right for this yarn.

I will be needing it to keep me warm as winter has arrived here in Holland. We have cold temperatures and snow right now. Maybe having hung the lace coasters as snowballs in the window must have brought me luck since I love the snow. I am inside for the time being though watching the birds looking for crumbs in the snow and doing my handwork as I have an infection in the muscles of my rib cage. I am supposed to take it easy so it is the perfect excuse to read and crochet most of the day away.....

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  1. That picture could be a Christmas card. Very pretty scene. I could take a picture like yours, I am knitting two sweaters at once and also reading my Nook. I just finished a book.
    I got off to a rocky start on one of the sweaters. I knit the ribbing twice and had the wrong amount of stitches. Once is bad, twice is plan stupid. Third time is a charm, I am on the pattern now with the ribbing finished and correct.
    Only you could get an infection in your rib muscles. Never heard of it. Enough now, get well and no more new things.
    Love your shawl and the cowl is going to be very pretty. That pattern is great. I know you are wondering if you can really give it away but you will. lol
    Love you, Mom

  2. Oh dear Heidi, I hope you feel better soon. The variegated shawl is going to be gorgeous

  3. Hi Heidi!
    I'll have to look up the two books you mentioned - A Winter's Tale and Chocolate Wishes. Anything that takes place in a village sounds interesting to me. :-)

    I like the circle in a square and have seen a lot of blankets lately being made with different colored grannies. I think I'll start a blanket for ME, after I'm finished the hat for my grandson! The variegated yarn is just beautiful!

    Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  4. I love the shawl Heidi,the colours are pretty. I do hope you feel better soon. I do envy you your snow. I just love it. So magical. Keep warm.
    Patricia x

  5. I enjoyed the Trisha Ashley books too Heidi. I wonder if you have read Jenny Colgan's Cupcake books?

  6. Hi Heidi!! J´adore the shawl!!! So colourfull!!!
    I hope you get well soon!!

  7. Your garden looks beautiful in the snow! I hope that infection in your rib cage clears up quickly - feel better soon!

  8. Don't think I've ever seen circle-in-a-square granny squares. They will make another pretty blanket. Your shawl is going to be so very lovely - too lovely to use? I am so sorry about your infection, but as you said, having these "convenient" excuses for taking it easy can be nice, especially when it's cold outside. Feel better.

  9. Heidi, I hope you feel better soon!!! The colors are beautiful and that I am running the air conditioner here :( having had temperatures in the 80s (F) - more like spring. Get better!!! And, take it easy... Take care! - Amy

  10. I do hope you are feeling better soon ~ take care of your self! Love your last photo ~ beautiful. All of your projects look great!

  11. Hello, Heidi ;>)
    Nice work ! I just LOVE your variegated thread and the result is so beautiful ! May I ask which yarn it is ?
    I like to crochet as well and grannies are so relaxing and addictive ;>) Lately, I made a BIG mistake : I saw a gorgeous variegated thread in 50grs balls, the price was OK (2 Euros/ball), so I bought TWENTY (!!!) balls of it, in order to crochet a blanket.I was so happy... sadly, the different colors are too close from each other (only a few cm) and the result gives a total mess. -sigh - (lesson learned!).

    Have a nice weekend and keep crocheting, warm inside home.

  12. Stay warm and cosy in the snow Heidi, you are working on some lovely projects.


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