Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New quilt group theme...potholder quilt

Last year, I was so charmed by the jubilee quilt that my blogging friend Tammy was making that I asked her to be an honorary member of my quilt group (fitting since she is a Dutch American) and share her quilt with us to use as our theme project for 2013. Tammy used her quilt to celebrate her 50th birthday. It is a wonderful project and she will be sharing it on her blog so keep checking.

She created pdf's for us along with the story of how her jubilee quilt came about. We started with our first meeting last week. I have made my first four blocks to use as samples for the quilt evening. I adapted a block to be able to use miniature patchwork block here and there.

My quilt is going to become a tablerunner which has a sewing theme. This will be for my table in the quilt studio. I am using a combination of sewing sayings (notice my old blog saying in there?), sewing redwork and a couple of patchwork blocks. I had to slip Dagi in there as my quilt tester. *grins* Enlarge the photos for a closer look.

These blocks are sewn, quilted and bound which is how they got the name potholder quilt. They are then whipstitched together. Even making 7 blocks creates a tabletopper. So the ladies are able to make their quilts as large as they want. The quilt is double-sided in a way as you have the redwork front and a scrap quilt look back when turned over.

Thanks Tammy.....I am loving this project as I know the others are too!



  1. that is coming along really fast. Love the little quilt tester and he is really a good one.
    I like the block you are making now and can't wait to see if finished. It will be neat to see what the ladies do with theirs.
    Love you, Mom

  2. Heidi, I hope you are well and the New Year is off to a great start. I love the quilt-very precious! Take care!!! - Amy

  3. What a lovely idea Heidi. I wait with interest to see the finish.

  4. that looks like a lot of fun to do together! great idea.

  5. Heidi, I like this project very much. Are the front panels of each block embroidered, too? That makes quite a lot of work but it's so beautifully done that I am sure it's a joy.

    I am still finding inspiration but no time for quilts. I have four planned but am not finished yet with my first one! I was unpacking a box the other day and realized that a certain shape of cardboard would be a perfect pattern for another someday quilt...Does that now make it FIVE planned? lol

    John gave me a lovely new sewing machine for Christmas, not fancy but so quiet and steady with really good reviews by quilters. I am anxious to get a day to work with it.

  6. Such a cool idea - I love it!

  7. Oh Heidi! These blocks are perfect and what a great idea for a table-runner. I can't wait to see what the other ladies create. Hugs and Groetjes from the honorary member =)

  8. What a fabulous project this will be! I can't wait to follow your progress!

  9. They are beautiful Heidi, can't wait to see how the runner progresses

  10. Ziet er goed uit Heidi, nu wij nog!!!!
    Ik vind het erg leuk om te doen, dus aan de slag en geen momentje verliezen.

    Liefs en een hug, Bep.

  11. Happy New Year Heidi! Hope this year will bring you good health and happiness. Thanks for coming by my blog. What a great idea with a potholder quilt. Granted it's going to be some intense work but oh so worth while! And that Quilt Helper is one cool dude!

  12. Het is heel leuk om te doen!!

  13. These are so cute! I LOVE your background fabric! Did you purchase it that way or stain it yourself? I made a smaller quilt like this years ago and put novelty fabrics in the center for my daughter to play Eye Spy. What a great idea to make a potholder quilt from these shapes. Much more interesting than a square potholder quilt. So pretty! I found you from Tammy's blog.


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