Sunday, February 17, 2013

Going in circles!

A happy Sunday for me as I have a big finish to add to my list. I am home unable to do much other than cook dinner and do my handwork. My spinal cord is giving me trouble now after having been all healed from my infection in my rib cage. I think I was just too weak and now one of my vertebrae is out of line. This is only painful when you stand or walk so it is good for sitting and getting some of my projects done. An RAK gift is flying its way to a new home so that one will have to wait to be revealed but I have a "TaDah" which I can share...

If you remember my YarnALong project I started at the first of this year, it is now finished along with two granny square pillows to match since I have yarn leftover. I made them different on the two sides so I could choose between the darker or lighter side.

My circle in a square granny blanket is 40 x 65 inches (102 x 165 cm) and made up of 77 squares. It is to throw over my couch and use if we are chilly.

I tried a new edging which I absolutely love and will surely use again in the future. It is a lacy V-stitch with picots. A surface crochet line was added when the edging was finished to give it a special touch.

Stitched with SMC Schachenmayr Bravo Classic - natural tweed, oatmeal heather, camel, light gold, light brown heather, chocolate, demin heather, hunter green and beige
Hook size 4mm

Hope you are having a creative and happy Sunday too!


Friday, February 8, 2013

Of cats and potholders.....

The cats are on a tapestry bag that I bought ages ago. It is a flat bag about the size of a piece of paper. This ended up being very unpractical to use.

So I decided to sew the corners in the width and make it a wide open bag which now works really well. I have already starting using it as a project bag.

This week was my quilt group's evening of fun and stitches ... and yes, in that order. *grins* I have been busy with more potholder blocks for my quilt. The bottom three are the newest. First I stitched a pair of embroidery scissors with needle and thread. Instead of having to make a quilt label on the back of the quilt, I stitched an embroidery hoop with my name and the date in it. I also stitched a DMC floss with the number of the color I have used for these blocks. Last but not least, an Ohio Star patchwork block. I wanted to use this because you can take the girl (Me) out of Ohio but you can't take Ohio out of the girl.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013


That is how I felt last night when I finish the 77th circle in a square block for my afghan...

I will be laying them out this week and starting putting them together. I am going to use a different method to sew them together than I have up to now. Tonight, my quilt group is coming for our monthly meeting so it will have to wait. I am ready for them to come so I will be spending time reading more of The Vineyard. I was not sure I was going to like it but it is very good.

And speaking of very good...that is how my rainbow shawl is coming along. I only work on it in the late afternoon while talking to my mother on Skype. We hold a little yarn bee online. Just look at the yummy colors...even the ball of yarn is a beautiful thing!

Here is the shawl up to today which I am totally loving. It has a long way to grow though. I want this to be nice and big to really wrap up in on a cool summer's eve or a cold winter's night.

I am linking up with Ginny's YarnALong.