Friday, February 8, 2013

Of cats and potholders.....

The cats are on a tapestry bag that I bought ages ago. It is a flat bag about the size of a piece of paper. This ended up being very unpractical to use.

So I decided to sew the corners in the width and make it a wide open bag which now works really well. I have already starting using it as a project bag.

This week was my quilt group's evening of fun and stitches ... and yes, in that order. *grins* I have been busy with more potholder blocks for my quilt. The bottom three are the newest. First I stitched a pair of embroidery scissors with needle and thread. Instead of having to make a quilt label on the back of the quilt, I stitched an embroidery hoop with my name and the date in it. I also stitched a DMC floss with the number of the color I have used for these blocks. Last but not least, an Ohio Star patchwork block. I wanted to use this because you can take the girl (Me) out of Ohio but you can't take Ohio out of the girl.



  1. I remember when you got that bag and boy it is very nice made wider. Good idea. Before it would only hold books and magazines.
    What a good idea putting your name in a hoop. Now it is put it all together time. If you stop making new things, you might get it finished. LOL
    Now, since I will be in Florida when your birthday arrives on the 12th, I have to say.....
    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear, Heidi, Red Riding Hood, Clair, Miss Pickles, Silly Sally and all the other names I call you. Happy Birthday to you.
    I hope your package gets there safely and I hope you have fun whatever you decide to do.
    Love you bunches and bunches, Mom

  2. Love how you remade your bag. Of course anything with cats is just purr-fect!! Your new blocks are just precious.

  3. Great bag! I love the cats (naturally), and your remake is clever. Your latest quilt blocks are wonderful. Did you say how many will be in the finished quilt?

  4. Dear Heidi,
    your potholder blocks are soo beautyful and the bags too. I love your idea to tag the scissors. Because I have at school a lot of scissors I thought to tag them with crocheted little things ;-) Happy weekend to you! Sabine.

  5. I love those blocks. Clever makeover on the bag

  6. Great idea for your bag! I will have to remember that trick ~ not that I am a great sewer, but maybe I could pull that off! Your blocks are fantastic ~ I love all the personal touches.

  7. Great alteration to the bag, very clever.

  8. Love the potholders! And the bag is a nice 'make-do-and-mend' thing.


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