Monday, April 29, 2013

Meet Annabel and Angus.....

Last week, I was checking mail and decided to look at a few crochet blogs. I found a new pattern that was shared on Annaboo's House blog for a Scottie dog. It was love at first sight!!! I grabbed some yarn from my stash and started at the very minute. But when my little doggie was done, I thought he needed a mommy. So I used a double strand of the same black yarn and went from a size 4.5mm crochet hook to a 8mm. For the red trim, I used a size 6mm hook. Since the batting showed through, I lined the inside of the dog on both sides with some black fabric. A little bit of ribbon found in one of my ribbons jars and my new little friends were born...

I was originally making the large one to send off to my little grand-niece for her birthday in June. She will be 2 years old. But I think my sweet little Angus (yep...I named him) needs his mommy Annabel since he is a wee little thing. I am going to make another dog for Abigail to love and keep all to herself.

Off now to grab that yarn and hook once again. I have been doing a good bit of handquilting but no finish yet to share. Soon I hope...

It has been a while between posts as I have been busy with Jos. He has surgery on his esophogus a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately that operation failed. They did  find out that he problem is mainly his muscles which is used to swallow. The surgeon stretched the muscle which is all he could do to temporarily help until we can discuss the possible next operation which is highly risky. We have a great deal of questions to ask first. And I have told Jos that no matter what he decides we will go through it together but I can change how we eat if needs be should he not want to take the risk of the operation. He is healing slowly from the first operation with good and bad days. His sense of taste is gone and that is bothering him most. He is a man who enjoys a good meal.

Once again, having my handwork to do is a wonderful form of therapy. I sat in the hospital crocheting with him watching me. I am very blessed to have my handwork.



  1. Very sweet finish. I hope that Jos is better soon and that there will be a solution that will help him feel better.
    Sending you good wishes.

  2. I hope that Jos is soon feeling much better, its no fun when a loved one is ill. I hope the news is good for you both when you visit the hospital the next time.

    Your little doggies are very cute, no wonder you had to whip them up immediately you saw the pattern, well done.

    {{big hugs}}

  3. Aw, they look so sweet!
    I think they look fab in black, too.
    Thanks for sharing
    Sarah xx

  4. Very lovely little Scotties! I hope Jos is on the mend. It must be a difficult time for the both of you. Do take care.

  5. Love those little Scottie dogs Heidi, they are so sweet. I do hope that Joss has a speedy recovery from his last operation and that he comes to a decision about further surgery which hopefully will rectify his problem. Take care yourself too.
    Patricia x

  6. I am so sorry to read Heidi that the operation jos had failed and do hope that if you decide on another it is successful, please give him my love.

    Your little dogs are adorable and something that I am going to try.

    Take care of your self Heidi, I wish I was nearer to give you a big hug so sending cyber ones to you in stead.

    Hugs a plenty
    Hazel c (UK)

  7. I just lost my post. I watched these doggies in the making. They are soooo cute. A certain little girl will surely love hers too.
    Keep that hook moving right along. LOL
    Love you, Mom

  8. Dear Heidi,
    I hope Jos will be feeling better quickly. I too have spent my fair share of time with loved ones in the hospital these past few years. It is never easy to see someone you love ill. My thoughts and prayers are with you both as you ask questions and make decisions. I too agree about handwork being therapy. It has truly helped get over some stressfull times in my life as well. I cannot believe Abigail will be 2. Honestly, where does the time go? Your little dogs are just adorable and I am sure Abigail will love hers. Take care my friend.

  9. Oh Heidi my dancing friend, not much dancing in your life at the moment.However the dear little woofits are splendid. Many hugs to you and Jos hope something can be done.

  10. The ribbon is the perfect finishing touch for Angus and Annabel.

    Thinking of Jos, you and the doctors. I hope they come up with a solution for him soon that works safely. Many hugs...

  11. I am sorry to hear Jos has been ill, and that the surgery didn't work to fix the problem. You know our story, and therefore know that I understand the uncertainty you are facing and the weight of "what do we do next?" I will certainly keep you both in my prayers.

    Your little dogs are so cute! I'm sure your grand niece will love the one you make for her.

  12. I hope that Jos is feeling better soon and that the doctors can find a solution.
    Your little scotty dogs are completely adorable!

  13. Such a cute project!
    Sending good thoughts and prayers to you and Jos!

  14. I am afraid I don't get what happened to Jos... could you please explain in Dutch ;-). Happy to see you are still enjoying all your handywork! Say hello to Jos from me...

  15. Heidi - I am so sorry to read about Jos' operation. I hope he is feeling better. Love your little doggies!


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