Monday, April 8, 2013

March's giving.....

My two RAKs for March have been received and I can now share them with you. These are both projects that were also in my UFO challenge list for this year.

I found Matruska beads at a German Christmas market almost two years ago. This keychain was made for Susan who I thought it would have a special meaning for. She has two adopted boys (well they are actually becoming young men now) who are Russian born. I have enjoyed watching them grow up under her love and care.

Patricia shares my love of old fabrics, trims, laces, etc.. I made these lapkins from remnants I bought in Rebeauvillé, France at the Beauvillé factory. They made beautiful table linens which are very pricey. I bought some factory samples to sew some napkins. Each of the samples has been cut into various shapes. I decided to share some with friends and Patricia's are being called lapkins because of the oblong size fitting just right over your lap. I felt I wanted to do something more with them so I got out some yarn that matched and created simple crocheted napkin rings that are closed with vintage brass buttons.

I am busy making my April RAK gifts right now. It is so much fun to match a blogging friend to a gift each month. I am so happy people are enjoying being surprised with a gift but my tell you that the greatest gift is in the giving!



  1. Lovely thoughtful gifts! It is so great that you are taking care of soem of your challenges too!
    Have a great week!

  2. Such pretty and lovely RAK gifts. You are very generous Heidi.

  3. Very pretty gifts, bet they both really liked them.
    Love Mom

  4. Heidi - I love my keychain! It really does have a very special meaning to me. I tell my boys all the time that I must be Russian since I have Russian children! LOL!! You are very kind and sweet to remember me!

  5. Beautiful, Heidi. Love that sweet bead!

  6. It has been so fun to see what you have done each month ~ another set of raks that I'm sure shared many smiles!!

  7. Hi Heidi! I came here from Patricia's blog - you gave away some beautiful RAKs :) I'm now your newest follower!


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