Friday, March 15, 2013

Of flowers and fairies and sewing needfuls.....

My February RAK gifts are a little late arriving but the first has reached its new home. I made a set of flower coasters for Catherine and sent them on their way. The mail was a little slow but they arrived safe and sound. Catherine and I have fun contact back and forth so I wanted to do something for her to say I enjoy our friendship. Too bad I cannot stop by and share a cup of tea in real life...

I am working on my UFO challenge each month. This little finish was one I forgot to show you last month. I had bought these charms to make a bracelet and never did it. They sat around for about 3 years I think. Yikes! So I had to get out my beads and charms (you will see why in a moment) and decided to finally make my bracelet of sewing needfuls.

 I have included a snail to remind me to slow down and enjoy each stitch, a quilt block, tape measure (to remember to measure twice and cut once), a sewing machine (for my own beautiful Singer called Florence), wooden shoes (as I live in Holland), a cat (as Dagi is my best stitching/quilting/crocheting/lacemaking friend ever!), a spool of thread, heart and hand (handmade with love), embroidery scissors (a love of collecting), thimble, spider (the symbol of good luck), button and iron (oh yes...I love to that strange?).

I am so pleased with my charm bracelet and love wearing it. I used to have one as a little girl but have no idea what happened to it. Why did it take me so long to get this one made?

Here is the reason why I had to get out my beads...

This fob is made for these adorable little scissors. A quilting friend of mine bought these for her granddaughter at the handwork fair in Zwolle. I offered to make a fob for them before she gives them to her. I hope they will both like it.



  1. I love the charm bracelet Heidi. I have one from years ago, but I hardly ever wear it, perhaps I should dust it off and let it see the light of day

  2. Hello there my dancing friend. Wow love the bracelet and the fob matches the scissors beautifully clever elf.The little crocheted flowers are so sweet.


  3. Well, first, I LOVE THOSE SISSORS. You made a great fob for them.
    Didn't you buy some for yourself too? Zoe and Haali both would love them too.
    That charm bracelet is just great. You did such a good job on it.
    Every charm means a lot. I know, you are strange, who likes to iron????? Not me, but I do it for you when I am there.
    I saw the coasters when you were making them. Nice gift.
    Love you, Mom

  4. What a thoughtful and cute gift ~ pretty coasters.
    Nice bracelet and the fob is perfect for the scissors. Really cute!

  5. What a beautiful bracelet, so many memories in each charm.
    I treasure the little fob that you sent me some years hangs on my embroidery scissors.

  6. Your charm bracelet is wonderful! Every charm is meaningful to you, so continue to remember why you made it!

  7. Heidi, I love your coasters. My grand used to crochet coasters to give and sell-she would make a spindle keeper to store them on. The charms are delightful. It is nice to keep memories with us and things that are so special. I hope you are doing well. Please take care! - Amy :D

  8. Your bracelet is so pretty. You could string the coasters with a ribbon and make a pretty garland. Beautiful work, Heidi!

  9. Thank you again for the coasters!! They are so handy and I love the colour!
    I love your bracelet. I always wanted to do one too ~ but instead, I started one for each of my nieces when they were born and I add a new charm every year on their birthday and sometimes for a special occasion.
    Your fob is wonderful ~ perfect for those scissors!!

  10. Je hebt weer mooie dingen gemaakt! The coasters are so cute, the bracelet is so personal and the charm fits the scissors perfectly!

  11. Die anonymous ben ik: Sonja. Via iPhone. En dan vergeet ik dus m'n naam erbij te zetten. Liefs!

  12. Wat een geweldige armband heb je voor jezelf gemaakt met al die naai gerei hangertjes. Van zo'n armband heb ik als kind gedroomd!


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