Friday, March 22, 2013

Bunny hop!

Every once in a while, I plan a surprise evening for the quilt group. March was our first surprise evening for this year. I had decided to spread my love of making bowl fillers by coming up with this project...

The felt, beads for bunny eyes, ribbon for bunnies and patterns were included in their evening. They were supposed to bring a pair of scissors and needle along with any ribbons, buttons, trims and laces they had. Each time I plan a surprise, it is always an exciting moment for me to see if the group is going to like the surprise. They all happily set to work...

I really had fun making these and hope all the ladies did too. Each will have a cute Easter display this year. I am going to cut out a few more eggs to make this weekend as these are really quick and fun to make...



  1. Some of my favorite blog posts are about your quilt group! The meet ups at your house look so fun!

  2. This is one of the cutest projects you have come up with. I love it. The button flowers on the egg are so cute. Lucky you had the buttons.
    The ladies sure do look busy with their projects.
    A little Easter joy to add to their houses.
    Great job Miss Pickles.
    Love Mom

  3. What a lovely idea. I'm sure they were all thrilled with the designs.

  4. These ladies look like they are really concentrating on this cute project! I bet you had a lot of fun.

  5. Those are so pretty; what a great idea!

  6. A lovely idea Heidi I am sure your quilt ladies had fun.

    Hazel c (UK)

  7. Yes, a lovely idea for sure! Mine are nearly finished, but I need to find some stuff to add to the basket. I need to be creative to find a way to place the rabbits and the eggs.
    Maybe in the home of Brummel!...

  8. They are so sweet Heidi, what a lovely idea

  9. What a great treat! I hope they enjoyed it--I know you did :). Take care and have a very blessed spring! :D

  10. Such a lovely picture of your friends hard at work, well done ladies.

  11. What a fun project! It looks like everyone really enjoyed it.


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