Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday's Tallies...Boy...it's hot outside!

Well...maybe it is the heat here in Holland lately but my computer just does not want to cooperate! I was about to just give up but here I am. My latest One a Day update is a little sad to say the least. I have done nothing on my African Flower Blanket since last week. Instead I have worked on the autumn throw, my Christmas gift afghan (which I am not going to show just in case my brother does look at my blog) which is double in size since last week and my advent quilt.

I am linking to Carole's One A Day project. See her blog for more lovely projects.....

I have been able to get up to 62 blocks now on the autumn throw. That means I made 30 since last week. It has given me hope that fall will come soon and I can be out walking in the autumn chill.

To spite the temperatures reaching 38C (100F) this past weekend, I am really making progress on my advent quilt. I bought a tray table at Blokker and it has been wonderful to work with. I keep the weight on the quilt which normally I do with my legs as I do hoopless quilting. I can sit at the correct height so get much less tired while also having a nice big surface to work on before having to shift it. 

To while away the time as I quilt, I am listening to A Vintage Affair on my Kindle. I became a member of Audible and have not regretted it. It is nice to have someone read to me as I quilt since I am otherwise torn between wanting to do my handwork or read. Now I can do both!

I have not forgotten to share more about my advent quilt. I am hoping that it will be quilted in the coming week and I can reveal more about it. So back to work for me.....


  1. Oh wow so lovely both of your blankets! You did a lot of work in this heat, respekt! Have a great time! Sabine from Germany.

  2. Ooh your blanket is looking beautiful Heidi! Loving those little red squares you've added.
    Victoria xx

  3. Everything is coming along so nicely Heidi! You are accomplishing alot...even in the heat...grins....I too am busy with my little quilts and for a Fall project I am thinking about making a Little Red Schoolhouse lap quilt. Even though I homeschool now there is something about September and getting ready for school...must be the teacher in me...LOL...Hugs from Ca. P.S. It has been unBEARably hot these last three weeks and only now are we starting to cool slightly with alot less humidity...Thank goodness...Fall cannot come soon enough for me...grins...

  4. Wow you are doing great!

    I didn't realise you can listen to Audible books on the Kindle - I have some books I purchased from them and have a Kindle and I've been using the text-to-speech so I'll have to check this out. :)

  5. Considering the heat you have done quite a lot, well done.

  6. What gorgeous colours you've chosen for your autumn afghan and your quilt is stunning. Glad you found some crochet welly toppers, let me know how you get on. Have a good week. Deb xxx

  7. Wow! It sure is hot! We finally got a break in the heat, and have gotten enough rain that the grass had to be cut again.

    Your afghan is really coming along. It's going to be so pretty, not to mention warm.

    Things are not good with my husband, hence my quietness. I've had trouble sleeping some nights, so I am exhausted.

    Happy quilting and crocheting!

  8. Goodness, that is definitely hot!
    Great crochet and quilting

  9. Your autumn throw is looking great.
    Don't you love audio books? The quilt is lovely.

  10. Hi Heidi! Your projects are so lovely. I wish I could sew a quilt too. You have chosen wonderful colours!
    Have a happy week! xxxBarbina

  11. Wow, going outside to take that picture made a huge difference.
    I love your colors. I think I need one of those tray tables you bought. I have to see if our IKEA in Pittsburgh has them and take a road trip. lol.
    You are going to town on that quilt. I am crocheting as I told you on your other blog. I am on a roll and now making item number 6. I then want to go back to my Indian. I am making all of this as gifts, well not the Indian. Your brother already has her mate so now he has to have the squaw.
    Hope it cooler now, it is here.
    Love you, Mom

  12. It's not nice crocheting when it's hot is it! My hands get too clammy and I can't pull the yarn through my fingers - yuck! So I hope you get some cooler weather soon so you can start using your Autumn throw :)

    I really like your quilting too, I admire anyone with that much patience!

  13. Your projects are looking wonderful!


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