Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pink witches?

No...not pink witches but pink and witches. *grins*

A friend comes regularly to crochet with me. She showed me some quilt fabric she had bought on her day out to a shop where she also received these charms from the shop. I offered to make her a scissor fob with them as she likes mine. I asked her what color beads she would like and her choice was pink so here is the finished fob along with a pair of scissors for her...

I can't wait to give it to her when I see her next week! Hope she likes it.

And the witch? She has been flying around my studio for some time waiting to be finished after being stitched. I would hate to admit that it has been almost two years...enter the evil witch's laugh. *wink* She just needed finishing. I already had bought a little bread board that Jos stained black for me but my witch still had to wait. She is one of the UFO challenge projects and I wanted to have her done well before the witching hour on Halloween.

Today I needed to stitched the black trim on to edge the piece. I have been gluing the trim lately but decided this one would work better if I stitched it onto the laced piece. I worked so much better. No movement of the trim while being glued so it is  right where it should be positioned since this is a scalloped trim.

I then glued the piece to the bread board and Witchypoo is ready for Halloween...

I am going to do my best to finish another UFO challenge project by this time tomorrow. Wish me luck?!?



  1. I love this. You need some tiny orange and black buttons to hang from the bottom to use as checker pieces. LOL I know, you are not going to play checkers.
    This will sure be a good addition to your house for Halloween. If your sister was around you would have to be missing this piece. She would have loved it.
    I'm sure you would have made it for her in that case though.
    Love you, Mom

  2. What a lovely gift. I'm sure your friend will be so pleased. The Halloween project looks great. You are so talented!

    We have had highs in the 80s but are headed back to the 90s after the storm passes through. I had hoped the cooler temperatures were here to stay and put us all in the mood for fall, but your blogs are doing that for me. Take care!

  3. Fabulous finish - the trim is perfect!

  4. I'm here wishing you luck!

    Love the scissor fob and the stitching is beautiful, halloween is on it's way so you finished it way before the deadline... :-)

  5. Beautiful scissor fob, it's pretty.
    Witchy is really lovely.

  6. The scissor fob is lovely. I really love the Halloween finish.

  7. Witchypoo looks really spooky! More so after the lovely finish. And the quilt under her looks gorgeous too in those Autumn colours!

  8. Great finish on the witchy piece, and the scissor fob is really pretty


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