Thursday, December 11, 2014

A quilt season comes to an end.....

Each year, I choose a theme for my quilt group. In December, we have completed our theme ready for a new year. 2014 was the year of a season of trees in rag appliqué technique. For each season, the group used the same background and tree shape but created the season around it. My trees were then sewn into a patchwork window frame to reflect a season in each pane. 

Here are a few peeks at some of the quilts from a few members in the group...

"He who plants a tree
Plants a hope."   - Lucy Larcom

Next week, our group will celebrate Christmas with a large dinner party and admire our gifts being made for each other. 2014 went by so quickly and we are now looking forward into 2015. 



  1. They sure came out cute. I have been watching yours in progress of course, on Skype. I know you will have a wonderful Christmas party, you always do. All your ladies are so nice. I know what you are making for your gift and it is certainly cute. Have tons of fun. Love Mom

  2. Well done to you all, such a lovely idea

  3. They are all lovely, what a great idea.

  4. Love the theme! Great idea to use the same background for each season! Enjoy next week!

  5. This such a lovely idea Heidi and they all look really great. Have an enjoyable dinner with your friends. :)) P x

  6. They are all different and yet similar. Lovely idea.

  7. Love these! When will you decide on next year's theme?


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