Thursday, September 18, 2014

Catching up a little.....

Having lost our new kitten Elwin really threw me off kilter over the summer. Click here for the story if you have not already read it. I have been so sad about it and although I throw myself into my handwork I have not been sharing much lately. So I thought I would post a couple of finishes from over the summer. 

First, the crazy quilt heart is something I made when my cousin Shari and her husband Matt came over to visit. I wanted to make her something she could keep that would also remind her of her visit. 

I made a sampler pillow using various red and linen fabrics combined with a fabric with a sampler print, zigzag trim, laces and buttons. Originally I wanted to make this to use out in the garden but when Jos saw it he said I could not use it outside. He thought it was too nice. I put it on our bed instead. 

Finally, I finished a shawl that I was inspired to make after seeing this one found via Pinterest. I have been searching for a nice pattern and this was just right for a new kind of yarn at a shop called Zeeman here in Holland. This yarn is so pretty and this vintage pattern was just the thing to show the yarn off. Now all I need it for autumn weather to arrive. *grins*

So even though a sad heart has kept me quiet in the blogland, I have had busy hands as you can see.....



  1. So hard to lose a little friend like that.
    I think your pillow is very pretty, definitely an 'inside' one!

  2. Beautiful work Heidi, I love the patchwork heart

  3. Such a sad story to read Heidi. I'm so sorry for your loss. Your crafting is lovely though and that shawl is superb! X

  4. Mooi dat kussen, ik weet hoe lekker warm de sjaal in de herfst voelt, als het herfst gaat worden natuurlijk??? Dikke hug, Bep.

  5. Glad to see you are still crafting, I still have the lovely crazy patchwork heart I made while staying at yours.

    Keep busy,
    Hazel c uk

  6. I agree that the pillow is too pretty for outside (unless, it would be in my corner of the garden!)

  7. Hi Heidi. I haven't been very active blogging for a long time but missed my bog friends so I am back at it again. So sad for you but happy to reconnect. I always find doing things with my hands helps take my mind off other things. I am so glad to reconnect with you! Rhondi

  8. Love the red cushion! The shawl is great too, did you use it with this warm autumn?


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