Friday, July 11, 2014

Meet Edwina and Winifred...Christmas in July

Meet Edwina...

and Winifred...

They are sweetly dressed up and even have bloomers...

It was Christmas in July once again for my quilt group last week. Our buffet table was decorated...

and everyone was looking forward to sharing a fun evening together...

with fabulous food...

When it was over and we were playing some games to win prizes, Wilma stopped me and told me I had to sit down. She surprised me with Edwina including her little watering can with a baby kitty inside. I was in tears for her thoughtfulness after loosing Elwin when...

MiekeW also came up with another gift bag and there was yet another beautiful cat...Winifred with her pail and kitty inside. 

Thank you both so much! I am so touched and love both my new additions to the family. They are my companions while I quilt. 

Next post will be a tutorial for our Christmas in July project. A simple project that might be a fun thing to make this summer. See you next time...



  1. It was great big FUN, as Christmas in July allways is at your place!
    Thank you for the fun evening and the games you come up with to make us laugh together.

  2. The food looks yummy. How cute the kitties are.

  3. How thoughtful of your friends, the cuddly kitties are gorgeous, I love the little vent in their bloomers for the tail to pass through

  4. That was such a lovely gift and such cute kitties from your friends. I was talking to you on skype when you named them. Looks like you had plenty to eat and I know you had fun. You always do with this group.
    Love you, Mom

  5. Such special gifts from your crafting friends, they are adorable.

  6. Lovely seeing so many familiar faces. These ladies are unbelievably thoughtful, kind and very talented. I adore your kitties and their kitties.


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