Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Want to peek?

Here is a little peek at my surprise in an ornament swap with a blogging friend. I have been fun playing with my of my French trims and laces. I am so excited for her to receive it so I can finally share the finish. In the meantime, a little bit to wet your appetite...

Lots of projects are on the go but in the meantime, I am adding to my potholder quilt which is my quilt group's theme project for 2013. I would have been done but I changed my mind about how I was going to put it together. This means I need to come up with more ideas for the blocks. My latest ones include this one of buttons. I decided instead of simply stitching buttons that I would attach real ones...

I am adding more sayings since it is going to be a little larger than I thought. I found this saying online and loved it...love is the thread that mends worn hearts.

I made a friendship star for my next patchwork hexie. This block was chosen as the red and brown fabrics I used for it were some I swapped with a good friend for our potholder quilt. I have known Sonja for about 16+ years. I met her at my bobbinlace lessons. A couple of years ago, she wanted to learn to quilt. It was fun teaching her but also very easy to do since she has the touch when it comes to quilting. This was the first time we have been able to swap fabrics to get more of the right colors for each of our potholder quilt blocks. She has been building up a stash and it is nice to be able to raid her stash as she also does mine.

I will remember next time to show you the new set up for my potholder hexie quilt. It is really fun to make and make personal too. Our group's project was provided to us by Tammy who kindly shared it with us. Her own potholder quilt is really beatuiful.



  1. so pretty, Heidi, and I do like that quote too.

  2. Well, I cheated and got to see your project before it got mailed.
    I think the potholder quilt is really coming along so well. I like the buttons. Good touch.
    Love you, Mom

  3. Your latest potholder quilt blocks are great! What a fun quilt this will be.

  4. Some more wonderful blocks there, can't wait to see the whole thing

  5. I can't wait to see the whole ornament, the trims are fabulous so the rest must be too!!
    Your potholder quilt is looking great too!

  6. Goodness ... the potholder is progressing so fine! So much work in just one 'block'! This will be a very special quilt indeed.

  7. Your ornament swap is very cute! Got the change to see it, before you send it. Need to work on my version of the potholders too. I got 1/5 done, so what do you think, will I finish it by the end of the year?? Will go to my sewing room now, and put the bnding on two, so I have something small to stitch while watching ' heel holland bakt' tonight. Knuffels

  8. LOVE, LOVE your potholder hexies quilt project ! Keep going, it's beautiful !


    PS : got loads of sayings in English that I can shae with you, if you wish ;>)

  9. This is going to be superb. Nice quote.

  10. Love this potholder quilt Heidi and especially like the quote.

  11. I must get back to my potholderquilt to! Have been neglecting it for a while, since I 'had' to crossstitch on a SAL with our quilt group...
    And yes, you brought a new addiction in my life by teaching me how to quilt! Thanks very much!

  12. your quote is very appropriate for you! I can't wait to see the whole quilt and your ornament!!

  13. Just love your hexie potholder quilt...oh me, something else RoRo would like to sew...looks like lotsa fun.


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