Friday, June 22, 2012

Off the hook.....

A few UFOs finishes that are off the hook...the crochet hook, that is.

I had wanted to make a Wool Eater blanket but could not figure out the pattern past this second color. After about seven attempts, I gave up. Recently, I realized that it was just the right size to use as a teapot coaster. So this one has gone from UFO status to a usable item in the home.

When cotton yarn was on sale at the Lidl grocery store last year, I bought two packets of it. I wanted to try and create a bathmat as I was inspired by Sue who has made a couple of beauties. Using little hexagons, I crocheted combinations of the green, purple and beige yarn resulting in this...

I will be looking into a non-slip mat to place under the crochet mat to be sure it is safe. What a cheerful way to step out of the shower...

Anything on your hook at the moment?


  1. Seriously Heidi, is there ANYTHING you can't do fabulously well?

  2. Heidi, Love the new blog and your crochet bath mat is great along with the teapot coaster.

    No crocheting for me at the moment just knitting needles clicking away.

    Hazel c (uk)

  3. These are such great projects. You know I am in awe of anyone who can use a crochet hook :).

  4. I really love that teapot coaster, what a good idea to use the UFO that way. Nothing on my hook - one day I'll take the time to persevere and get the hang of crochet. Meanwhile I've sorted out silks and patterns to do three small cross-stitch pieces - just little pinkeeps and bowl fillers for Fall and Winter.

  5. Okay, now I know which bathroom it landed in. I was talking to you when you finished it and you hadn't decided. It looks great. Almost like a butterfly. I like the little one under the teapot too.
    Wonder what is coming next?????
    Nothing on my hook right now, just under the needle with the Indian Lady. Almost done with part three now.
    Love you, Mom

  6. Love both if your projects, but I really love your teapot!!!

  7. alleen maar 'rommeldingetjes' aan de haaknaald.
    Wat een leuke theepotonderzetter heb je zo, heel slim!
    En mooi gedaan, je badmat.

  8. Heidi, I love both your projects but really love the darling little teapot coaster. What a clever idea and what a great way to change a UFO into something usable. Right now I am addicted to making dishcloths with my crochet hook and knitting needles, I absolutely love these dishcloths, but the project I am really loving is a lap afghan I am making as one big granny square in Amish colors of black, antique white, and a really pretty country blue. Hope all is okay with you. I think of you everyday and when I am working on a project I often find my mind wondering what you have been working on as well. Here is a hug from CA. my dear friend.

  9. I love these. I like the wool eater teapot coaster. I might have to look that pattern up to see how involved it is. Love your little rug as well!!

  10. Yep, making a granny square Ipad sample bag for work. Need to finish 8 squares and sew a fabric inside with zipper. But I'm also knitting dish clothes, quilting a retirement quilt, sewing BOM blocks, Camelot blocks and Advent block, cross-stitch LHN ornaments.... To much choices LOL


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