Thursday, February 27, 2014

Moods 2014

While visiting Angie's lovely blog to look up her ripple pattern at the beginning of the year, I saw she started a fun new project. The crochet mood blanket was just right for the basket of yarn scraps that I intended to use up this year. Each day you crochet and add a square to the blanket using the color to describe your mood. I put aside my ripple project for now as I decided this would be too much fun to pass up. The ripple had to be put aside as I have been working on another blanket as a part of a CAL but more about that later.

Here is my mood blanket up to yesterday. Jos helped me using an Excel sheet to choose how long my rows would be. It would never come out just right with 365 blocks. I have 7 blocks left in the end. I am using them up in the blanket by making a larger block for my birthday, Jos' birthday and our anniversary. See the big block? It was for my birthday back on February 12th. 

This is the selection of yarn that I have left from previous blankets. First I created a list of colors and then gave a mood to each color. Funny but when I first came up with the list, my mother laughed and said "So you don't want to use the color" when I told her what mood some would be. I scraped the idea of bored since she was right about that. But so far I have not had any pink in my blanket either. *grins*

My Mood list:
Blue - sad
Pink - worried
Red - angry
Lilac - creative
Purple - lonely
Eggplant - very busy
Grey - tired or sick
Cream - balanced
Gold - inspired
Orange - blessed
Camel - uncertain
Beige - disconnected
Brown - happy or excited
Green - contented
Denim blue - connected

I have been asked when people see the blanket what brown is and why I picked it for being happy or excited. I love brown! It is a color that all colors work well is the color of earth and all the beauty of trees and flowers that grow from is the base from which our food short brown is a beautiful color to me. 

Thank you for still stopping by to visit when I was away for so long. I was happy to see comments from many of my old friends lately. We were very comforted by the many comments about Dagi crossing the rainbow bridge. He is so missed in our home. 


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

An early Country Christmas.....

Spring is definately in the air here but still it an early Country Christmas as I finished my quilt at the beginning of February. Another UFO can be crossed off my list...woohoo!

Lente is in de lucht maar bij ons is het nog een klein beetje kerst. Begin februari heb ik mijn laatste steekje in mijn quilt gezet. Een affo voor mijn lijst!

This quilt was fun to do. I loved doing the quilting freehand to give it a country feeling. I did use a hera marker to be sure I got my lines in the outer borders from point to point. If you have never used one, I can highly recommend it. I even use them for tracing quilt stencils onto my quilts. 

Wat een leuke quilt project was dit! Ik heb het met de vrije hand gequilt. Echter heb ik een hera marker gebruikt om te zorgen dat ik goed in de hoek uitkwam voor de buitenste border maar verder alles gewoon gequilt zonder lijnen om een "landelijke sfeer" te houden in het quilten. 

I sometimes think I would like to quilt with only homespun fabrics. They give such a pretty country feel. 

Geweven stoffen zijn geweldig om te gebruiken...meteen een landelijk gevoel in de quilt. 

*** Dreaming of a Country Christmas ***